New servants to raise


Since i just spend all my quartz and tickets trying for okita and failed , all i got was a lot of guda poster girls and a np level 2 emyia. I also have nobu obviously from the event, so i am wondering if any of these two are worth raising right now. I already have a level 90 ishtar so what is your opinion on these 2.


EMIYA will be an event servant in the next 2 events. That’s very useful - especially for CCC as he gains a drops bonus (as opposed to damage).


Not particularly pressing? Obviously you can still just put emiya and nobu in the backline to get points.

All of them are aoe archer; purely from gameplay standpoint, its low priority since you already have ishtar


If you can get Nobu or Emiya to NP5, they are definitely worth investing in, as their NP5 will do a lot more damage compared to Ishtars NP1.


Emiya is a common event bonus servant and he’s good for farming lineups—triple Arts deck and can buff his buster NP (and can buster chain with other servants on his NP).

Nobu gets an attack bonus for the next event so she’ll be quite good for farming.

But if you can only raise one right now, I’d pick Emiya if only because he’ll be more useful in the long run