New skills for helping navigate the labyrinth

Inb4 you foddered Edelgard to Kiria!? But Edelgard’s like the best female, just look at her winning CYL4.

Also @kakyoin01 since you’ve been one of the biggest defenders of the TMS banner.


Literally nobody was gonna say this


Were you the one that people got upset over for wanting to fodder one of the other CYL units? :thinking:

Idk :man_shrugging: I did mention on a thread that as of right now I’d pick Claude as freebie unless one of the other 3 had some really nice skills for a Tellius unit to have. Then I’d pick that one for fodder.

Approved! Was going for the same build idea myself since I only got +Def and +Res boons. Mixed bulk Kiria hopefully proves she’s the true worthy Reincarnation of Tharja. :ok_hand:

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The choice of boon was easy for me when I got 1 +def copy and the other 2 were +spd, and those 2 copies even showed up on the same circle.

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Ah. I faintly remember a thread that you were gonna fodder someone and everyone seemed to get pissed, lol.

Might have been during the old Gamepress. :thinking:

Idk, it probably happened but I don’t remember. It does sound like something that would happen though.

Maybe there was the one about considering foddering Peony for the duel to Sigrun? :thinking: Which was proven to be just dumb cause with first merge mechanics Sigrun hit exactly 170 bst, making the duel useless other than +5 hp.