New Spirals Revealed!

Well we got… two? Oh, Celiera is one of them that’s neat. Will make her good for F2Ps.

And look it’s Ranzal! I wonder if he’s remotely useful against Cie-


Hahahaha, how long did Grace last? – less than a month.

I suppose Ranzal is like the F2P version of Grace.

Ranzal’s shield is tiny. Maximum of 20% of his hp, and he’s a dps unit so can’t build purely for HP like Grace, and it’s on his S2 so slow to cast. I don’t think he’s going to replace a healer himself. But being a wind unit with dispel, that might let Lowen replace Grace in eCiella I guess.

Grace is still useful in other content at least. But yeah Ranzal’s shield caps at 20%, which even if you build him for HP is only gonna be just over 1000 maybe? And on s2 it’s gonna be slow. And if you build him for HP his dps is going to be pretty trash.

For Celiera I’m just somewhat confused as to why they’d replace an essentially permanent 8% str buff with a 15 second 50% str buff. …and her s2 inflicts frostbite on herself. I suppose they want her to be a low hp blitz like Fjorm but…that kind of thing is really only useful for HBH cheese.