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I made a topic about god ki but I realized that fresh team recommendations from you guys would be much better. Here are my sp-ex units and my shallot is in ssg form:

thanks alot

Hey there, given you have nearly all of the relevant units in the game, I would recommend checking out the Top Teams pages on this site. They will give you the best teams to use right now, as well as which units to use for core/bench.

With that being said, I can recommend three teams that I think would be good options for you. Keep in mind though, you can basically build any team you want given the units you have.

Option 1: Future (a lot of these units overlap with god ki)

  1. Blue SSGSS Vegito
  2. Purple Fusion Zamasu
  3. Yellow Rage Trunks
  4. Green Transforming Rose OR Green SSGSS Vegeta
  5. Red SSJ Rose or Red Transforming Perfect Cell
  6. Green Transforming Gohan (for the blast buff)

Option 2: Fusion Warrior

  1. Blue SSGSS Vegito
  2. Green SSJ2 Kefla
  3. Purple Super Vegito
  4. Blue Transforming Gogeta
  5. Red Vegito
  6. Yellow SSJ3 Gotenks

Option 3: Saiyan/Son Family Mix

  1. SSG Shallot
  2. Blue Saiyan Saga Z Goku
  3. Red Transforming Bardock
  4. Blue Transforming Majin Vegeta
  5. Yellow SSJ Vegeta (GT) if you will use this character in battle or Purple SS4 Goku (GT) if not
  6. EX Blue Raditz (Zenkai awakened)

You can also make solid Lineage of Evil Teams with LF Frieza (especially since the new metal cooler will be coming out later this week), and you can make a decent Regen/Android team. God ki is another option but like I mentioned before, it uses a lot of characters from Future + shallot and is slightly worse than Future.

The top two teams I recommended are the ones dominating PVP at the moment. The third is my personal recommendation for fun. Play around with it, and lmk if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the recommendations, I’m gonna try out future and fusion warrior for sure. I was holding off on fusion warrior because I wanted to put in transforming red gotenks instead of red vegito and put transforming yellow vegito instead of yellow ssj3 gotenks.

I have a question though, regarding future/god ki, I’m trying to go for the current trio of danger banner solely to hopefully obtain red ssb goku and purple ssb vegeta, do you think this is a good move? (I’m planning on replacing fused zamasu with purple vegeta and red ssj rose/perfect cell with ssb goku red if I get them)


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Dont go for the Trio de Danger banner just because of Ssgss Vegeta and ssgss Goku. Listen, stars matter ALOT in gacha games and that includes Dragon Ball Legends. If your fusion Zamasu is at 9* there is literally no point in chasing after Ssgss Vegeta. The main reason is, even if you pull him 4 times, he will be at 6* only. So Ssgss Vegeta is not a question (Zamasu is pretty good too man. I have him at 7* and Ssgss Vegeta at 3* and Zamasu is cleary leagues ahead of Vegeta because of stars).

Before I talk about Ssgss Goku, a small piece of advice, use Ssj Rose (red) instead of cell. You will rarely need to use red unit and since cell doesn’t buff future while Rose gives 30 percent strike attack and defence, I highly recommend using Rose (he is still great).

Regarding Ssgss Goku, he is great. Really good character in every regard but still don’t summon. Reason why is that your Rose is at 9* which is alot of stars. Again, if you even pull Goku 4 times, you will get him at 6* only. That is a big IF in the first place so, yeah. Also, Goku’s z ability is only strike damage for Future and Son Family while Rose buffs two things for two tags.

My advice, save for Black Friday. Last year LF Ssgss Vegeta and Ssj Rose dropped and they are still great. They will probably drop Disfigured Fusion Zamasu and LF Sword of Hope Trunks, so ‘START SAVING YOUR CC!’

By the way, I think Sword of Hope Trunks will be Purple so, no point in chasing Ssgss Vegeta. Disfigured Zamasu will probably be yellow.
Hope this helped.

I would agree mostly with Dragon_DB_Legends’ comment. Don’t go into the trio de dangers banner. The two units on there are not good enough to summon for in light of black friday and christmas banners which are coming up.

Also Red SSGSS Goku is actually a pretty weak unit IMO. I’ve tried him out in multiple teams and he’s very one dimensional. I wouldn’t plan on replacing cell or Rose for that matter with him. You won’t be able to get him at a high enough stars/it’s not worth for the little utility he gives you.

Also, a clarification on whether to use Red SSJ Rose or Cell. I run into a lot of zenkai awakened yellow units like Android 18 and nimbus cloud legends road goku. Cell is a really really good red defensive fighter and he’s oppressive offensively after he ressurects. Therefore, I consider him a NEED in my PVP team.

If you don’t use Red units/you’d rather just run the risk of fighting Android 18 with Rose (who does less damage/less durable) then leaving red ssj rose is fine. Like Dragon’s comment says, the buff from Rose is better. It really depends on your playstyle.

To both you and Dragon_DB_Legends, thanks a ton for your insights it helped a lot lol. I’m deciding to stick with SSJ Rose Black as of now since I do sometimes run into zenkai awakened yellow units and I’m usually fine with Rose. As for the Trio of Danger banner, I’ll skip for now and wait for the black Friday/Christmas banner, I joined right after the 2nd anniversary started so I had no idea that Black Friday/Christmas would be important times for banners.

If Dragon_DB_Legend’s prediction is right, I’m hyped for Disfigured Zamasu and LF Trunks.

Thanks again

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Thanks for your comment. DB Legends is essentially the first gacha game that I actually stuck through (Usually I just give up halfway lol like Fate GO). But yea like you said I didn’t exactly take in number of stars into account and I just wanted vegeta and goku cuz of goku’s cover change and special ability and vegeta’s death buffs. But I’ll stick with your advice and save up for the Christmas and Black Friday banner because if Disfigured Zamasu and Trunks are coming I’m hyped.