New ticketed events

There are game files for two new ticketed events. Investigating Illusions on March 15th and a Drive to Investigate on March 22nd. Dates may change because March CD may be on March 15th. Speculate away on what you think the ticketed events are for!

Illusion screams Zorua/Zoroark but Drive could reference Genesect.

The tasks associated with Investigating Illusions seem to be catch/evole Abra/Kadabra according to published datamine. So it’s probably tied to CD day. I too think Zorua and Genesect are the featured mon of Illusion and Drive respectively.

Those sound totally plausible to me. I’m not 100% on Zorark as a mon, so I’m not sure I’d go in on that one but Genesect would be an almost instant buy

If the pattern goes the same, it can indicate Regigigas will left ex-raids soon and been replaced by the new mon (most likely genesect) after the ticketed event.
Amazing news, just because of that

I’d happily take time off work for Genesect raids, tbh. My favourite Bug-type right there

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