New tier list changes! Time to sharpen those pitchforks!

You know the drill by now, let’s get to it!

  • Chunky Hikikomori at C+: Fair, I suppose. She is a gimmicky support/tank, and her gimmicks are not exactly game changing. Still, she is solid, in more ways than one.

  • Arjuna Lily at EX-: Already has his own thread. In short, while he is pretty much the best self sufficient nuker in the game, EX- might be overselling him a little.

  • Sunburn Jeanne at C+: She is a slow semi-support with a slightly awkward kit. If you have her at high NP levels and if you have a Superscope and if you are willing to Plugsuit, she is the only DSS compatible Saber, and in that niche she would be a solid B+, but that’s a lot of “ifs” there…

  • Hot Wheels in B+: Yet another addition to the “Archers who don’t even know what a bow is for” club, and he is an overstacked nuker. Since most of us would probably have him at high NP levels, you can probably safely headcanon his tier to A, if not A+.

  • Big Boss expy at B: Very solid, but not much to write home about.

  • Grumpy Plague Doc at B+: I would personally put him to A just because of how useful he can be to new players… But then I remember that he is limited, and most new players won’t have access to him.

  • Genderbent Artoria moves to D+: Oh come on! That was at least a C-worthy upgrade! Now he can have two burst turns, or one burst that will absolutely annihilates any huge enemies!

  • Otakuhime to C+: Again, this is at least a B-worthy upgrade! The explanation is all wrong too! She is not competing with Skadi for quick support. In fact, she has no competition in her actual role: face carding support for Assassin teams in events where 3T or looping is not an option. She saved my ass so many times in Ooku when I was running a full drop team, it’s not even funny, and this upgrade makes her leagues better at this job.

  • Darth Burger stays A: Reasonable, considering her buff didn’t do all that much for her kit.

  • MILF stays B+: Reasonable. Her buff made her better at what she already does, but it mostly just updated her to match the power creep.

  • Forehead Empress stays B+: Honestly, I would be angry about her staying the same rank after such a substantial buff, but let us be real: she should have been C+ before and it was this upgrade that should have raised her to her current rank, so I don’t know how I should feel.

What about you guys?


I dunno I think Junao should be in EX- i mean the guy does 350k dmg by himself on berserker Waves…This first skill seriously is busted af.
(Np2 BTW)



As a DPS he is certainly EX Tier, Gamepress just insists on everyone sharing a ranking and ranking spots being limited


I still don’t get it why though.
I mean if they share everything then neither servant deservs to be on EX rank because Merlin,Skadi,Waver can’t hit for shit.

I still don’t get it how they are ranking them still like they do now.


D+ is a puzzling location for post-buff Arthur, at least to me. It basically completely patches his biggest problem, which is that Super Large enemies don’t normally appear in waves for him to NP at, by substituting his crits as a viable alternative. Crits will never be as good as an NP, for sure, but that makes him inferior to… Fujino? After her buff for anti-Super Large that drops in 2 whole years? In the role of Super Giant killing. 30 stars is a ridiculously easy number to patch when mitigating star RNG - even Royal Brand’s star focus can be enough, leaving aside the part where anyone with Arthur is basically guaranteed to have Santa Quetz or literally any other Servant with a star bomb at all.

None of this is to say he’s an overlooked meta superstar, he’s still iffy at best, but looking at his neighbours in the D+ tier… he’s much better than all of them at his job, and his job is something that’s actually more useful than it sounds (to say nothing of the jobs of the other D+ Servants). Super Large enemies usually drop rare materials or are tricky story/event bosses, so being able to dish out a ~120k Buster crit, neutral, with minimal support makes him handy for FQ farming and certain boss fights. He’s more a C- level, I would think, although I admit both to bias and to grail/gold fou distortion in my experience using him.


Arthur really needs a NP strengthening though. Unless there’s a giant enemy (LB2 comes to mind) then I see no reason to take him. Also 20% battery is :fgo_badciv:

I’d honestly rather use OG Nero.


I didn’t understand all of these references at first…lol


I feel like Junao’s to high even though he is great don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t put him on the same footing as the top supports. To reach consistently high-benchmarks your usually still gonna need to pare him with your Merlins or Wavers as even Gil someone similar with universal super-effective mod needs.

Also feel Plague Doctor should be an A- to A, party-wide battery + np gain buff alone should make a good case for it and when you factor in all of his outside the box support that you won’t find in the generic SSR supports and is superior to ones that do have it like BB, Irisviel an Medea that either focus to much into one gimmick, suck in fundamentals or just don’t offer enough.


I’m still not quite sure who ‘forehead’ is :fgo_bblaugh:

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He’s on the same footing with Tamamo, who is arguably not a very top support, so it works for me.

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Obligatory unified tier list is stupid and we shouldn’t even be considering AA vs others in the top tiers cause he’s the only aoe dps in the EX through EX- ranks

Okay did my part.

In all seriousness tho I’m fine with these placements with my only problem being the doc but I can kinda see it when you gotta consider he’s story locked and most of his mats are mid to late game so if a new player looks at this list it’s something to consider. Now if you can get him fully raised (or get him in the first place after this banner) he’s an easy A to me


It’s Wu.

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Okkie doesn’t compete with skadi in any other way but quick buff stacking :fgo_ishtar_eagerfool:

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As someone with a maxed Arthur (Lv. 100, NP5, v close to 2k/2k), he has 2 biggest problems:

  1. Bad NP damage, especially at NP1
  2. 20% battery in a 30% world

So I don’t see him rising much higher in the tier lists until we get an interlude and an S3 buff. Maybe to C- or so after his S1 buff next year, but it doesn’t do much except make his buster crits more consistent (and even then, standard star weight + only 2 buster cards make it kinda jack-of-all-trades).

Basically, he needs the MHX treatment. I hope LB6 gives us the buffs we’ve been asking for.


Altera still being above him is mind-boggling, though. I actually don’t have anything specific against her, but why, GP?


Altera not being D tier is the real headscratcher


Fair. They have different opportunities in different areas. Too bad we can’t feed Altera to Arthur and create God Arthur…


That’ll just be MHX (Prototype)

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Arthur got a buff in JP quite recently,so I don’t believe he might get a buff in LB6 anytime soon

(btw how is that Gilfest thread coming along?Or did I missed it somehow)

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