New to Dragalia Advice

New to dragalia, and I was wondering what new advice as a player should I have? How how to find basic concepts on building teams.
—What would the top units be?
—And is pipple really that good or just a meme?


First of all, you may wanna consider going to the subreddit as the community there’s way more active than here especially for Co-op rooms.

As for building teams, generally you want to have 2 DPS, buff support and a healer. As you progress you’ll find instances that permit full DPS or no healer, but for now it’s a healthy comp to maintain.

Top units tend to be either long time characters who’ve been around long enough, or characters that have a niche that remains important (Dispel Strikes, Affliction Punishers, etc). Generally, for endgame content there’s a Suggested Teams tab you can tap to see what everyone prefers using, but otherwise it depends on what you enjoy. Healers are a safe bet since most fights appreciate one, and their role is fairly easy to understand by comparison.

And Pipple is actually pretty strong. He’s a buffbot who minmaxes pure Strength rather easily since he gets stronger with each stack of Energy he gets (and he maxes it out with one rotation of his skills). Since he normally has no Damage/Healing skills naturally he will always maintain maximum energy outside of Trials of the Mighty/Sinister Dominion as a backline support, and his buffs enable lots of combo potential with Doublebuffs and other (former) Water Meta Picks like Karina, Xander, or Lapis. I say former because all of them (Except Lapis) have been basically countered by the newer content, though they still work, especially in Agito or High Dragon content.