New to the Forums? FGO Event Calendar

We’re seeing a lot of new and returning people lately, so I thought to repost this (not my work, btw).

Because the JP server is ahead of us by 2 years, we gain the benefit of Clairvoyance EX and can plan for future releases.

Uses include…

  • Planning for future Servants (when to roll and which mats they need), including availability of Grails and Lores
  • Getting advance info on event requirements, available rewards, farming comps*
  • Confirming anticipated free SQ and ticket totals

*cross-reference with other resources for node compositions and farming strats for the event in question


Not new but I’m as clueless as they can get so this really helps, thanks! ~ :fgo_ereshlove:

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I’m grateful for Clairvoyance, though I think it’s hurting them (the company) more haha.

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Pretty sure that is why Arknights is trying so hard to catch global up to China, the fact that I can literally plan out the next 2 years and prioritize everything definitely means I will need to spend less long term.

I already spent a bit because a lot of my favorite servants are so near and I only started about a month ago. That being said, once the new year comes around, I will probably be able to manage full free to play with relative ease.