New Unit Suggestion: Atlas, Village Protector

Now that I’ve fired up my unit suggestions again, I’m back.
I think I’m gonna do one of these a week. So. New week, new unit. This week, I bring to you:

Atlas: Village Protector

“You saw for yourself—my village is crammed full of a whole lot of nothing. I love it, though. All I need is a good axe, healthy trees, and some sunshine. My parents were the same way. I feel like I inherited the mountain from them.”

A villager who dwells in a mountain village in Zofia, Atlas lived as a lumberjack, but after his little brothers were kidnapped by Grieth, he joined Celica to oust the thieves, and expressing deep gratitude towards Celica for helping him out.

HP: 40
ATK: 36
SPD: 29
DEF: 27
RES: 30
MOV: Infantry

BST: 162

Weapon: Splitting Axe - “MGT: 16. If the number of allies within 2 spaces (excluding target) ≥ the number of foes within 2 spaces (excluding unit), grants ATK/DEF +5 during combat and unit makes a guaranteed follow-up”
Support: Swap - “Swap places with an adjacent ally.”
A: ATK/RES Bond - “Grants ATK/RES+5 to this unit during combat if unit is adjacent to an ally.”
C: Infantry Rush - "Infantry allies within 2 spaces gain: “if unit’s Atk ≥ foe’s Atk +1, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (only highest value applied. Does not stack.)”

Atlas fills the roll of a frontline Infantry bruiser, similar in purpose to Brave Ike or Dorcas.

Splitting Axe: While Atlas in Shadows of Valentia wields a sword, I believe this to be more of a restriction of the Villager class, as they can only use Swords. Given the several references of Atlas wielding an axe (a weapon that can be equipped by no useable unit in SoV), I took the Kliff route and gave him a weapon that his base class doesn’t normally use. As for the Splitting Axe itself, it was that or the Shadow Axe, and the Splitting Axe fits better with Atlas’ job as a Villager and a lumberjack.
As for the ability, I wanted to revisit an old skill we’ve had on units before that were never in open circulation for inheritance, so I based the weapon effect off of Walhart’s Wolf Berg and tweaked the effect.
ATK/RES Bond: Syncs with his Axe
Infantry Rush: Atlas is a very team-oriented character, and very dedicated to Celica and her cause. So, I gave him a little-seen ability to help hos teammates.

Thoughts on my idea for Atlas? Comments, maybe? Concerns? Lemme know, feedback is welcomed. If you have someone you want me to take a crack at, feel free to ask that, too.

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Did someone say Atlas?

I can’t tell if that’s Warframe or not. Doesn’t look like the Atlas I know and love, but it may be a skin that was added in the many, many minths I’ve been gone.

The Splitting Axe should have 16 mt and give +3 to a stat (probably defense) on top of its effect. Those are the standards for new pref weapons.

I’d also give him gen 3 BST (around 168) considering he’s a trainee unit.

I designed his axe as inheritable, not unique. To my knowledge, 16 MGT is on weapons that are non-inheritable. I was initially gonna make it 16 and unique, but deiciding on it being onheritable is why I toned it down.

Also, and this isn’t a problem, just my own guildeline, I keep my drafted units under the highest BST established in their archetype, to avoid making a unit that is too iverly powerful, stat-wise. Otherwise, what’s to keep me from setting a unit’s attack to 99? I want my suggestions to be believable. Libra has 164, so I made Atlas 162.

Sorry, but making the Splitting Axe inheritable is far from believable.

We’re looking at a weapon with the effects of a reverse Flame Siegmund and Swift Mulagir with Def instead of Spd.
There’s no way such a weapon would be inheritable.

Remove the follow-up part and it would be alright.

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No offense, but are you high?


Even then that seems like a pretty powerful effect for an inheritable weapon. After all Bright Naginata is still locked to Shiro, and Lukas for a refineable version of it.

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He should have bst on par with a unit like Rutger.
And I’d switch the axe to 16 mt, +3 atk and the in combat buff to +3 atk/def (and non-inheritable)
Knowing Atlas I’d also tone down some of his spd and res, and give it to hp and def.

Alright, alritlght. I’ll change the weapon’s might. I disagree, but if the opinion is that popular.

Well, I do live in Colorado.

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If he were a sword unit, he might, but the axe infantry archetype caps at 164 with Libra.

I did tone down Atlas’ SPD, actually. I based his stats off his stat caps in Echoes, where his RES caps at 40 (vs 39 DEF) and his SPD was…39, I believe. So I dropped his stats to be more in-li e with Echoes, with his SPD taking the greatest hit to fit better with the bruiser archetype.

The reason why the ‘axe archetype’ caps out like that is because there hasn’t been an axe infantry recently.

All infantry post Dragonflowers get a boost
Lugh, Delthea did. As did Rutger.
If tome and swords both did, there’s no reason why axes won’t have it.
Sword users and axe users will always be kept close to eachother safe for the weapons they can inherit.
In fact there isn’t an axe infantry archtype
It’s a physical melee archetype including all three melee weapons.

As for Atlas’ stats, you shouldn’t base them off the max caps. They don’t tell a lot about a unit.
You should look at their base stats and growth rates to make an asumption.

His BST should be 5 higher because IS is mess

And if we want to stick with his statline in his game, he will have a sky-high atk and hp and average/good others stats

I don’t care why they cap out where they do, I undershoot that cap to avoid overpowering a statline, otherwise there’s nothing keeping me from drafting Naga with 99 everything. So, as an Axe Infantry, I keep him under the current cap for axe infantry units.

Basing units on growth rate is also misleading. I have a Genny in my current SoV playthrough with nore defense than Valbar, and I haven’t been resetting to abuse the RNG. Growth rates are random and stats will vary every playthrough, but stat caps are constant across all copies and all playthroughs.

Like I said, it’s based off his stat caps, not hos growths, and I toned down the SPD given the bulk of his weapon to balance. I base of caps and not growths because caps are constant, whereas growths lead to different stats each playthrough.