New Unit Suggestion: Mycen, Valentian Legend

'Sup, bois. It’s been a while since my last draft; but I think I may have an idea or two to work with.
Mycen: Gold Knight

“Before you dream of changing the world, learn your damned place in it!”

Mycen is a former soldier respected throughout the continent of Valentia. Born in the nation of Rigel, he later became a general of Zofia when he later moved into the southern country. As a soldier, he became an exemplary knight whom many have admired as the finest soldier to have ever existed. In his retirement, Mycen settled down in Ram Village to raise his grandson, Alm.

HP: 40
ATK: 39
SPD: 23
DEF: 34
RES: 34
MOV: Cavalry

BST: 170

Weapon: Wayward Lance - “MGT: 11.
Spd-2. Attack twice when initiating combat. If unit is not adjacent to an ally, inflicts Atk/Def-5 on foe during combat and neutralizes foe’s bonuses to Atk/Def (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat. Unit cannot perform a follow-up.”
Special: Bonfire - “Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit’s Def.”
A: Def/Res Solo 4 - “If unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Def/Res+7 during combat.”
B: Guard - “If unit’s HP is ≥ 80% at start of combat, enemy is inflicted with Special cooldown charge-1. (If using similar skill, only highest value applied.)”
C: Savage Blow - “If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 7 damage after combat.”

It’s been a while since my last draft (t’was in May), and I’ve been mulling over every now and then who I should add. Given a certain user (whom I am symapthetic towards) grieving over the recent Three Houses banner, I decided that my next few unit drafts should be from Shadows of Valentia. Maybe, or maybe not, including Luthier in that list.

Wayward Lance: I know, I know that this lance technically belongs to the DLC unit Randall; but there are very few lances in Shadows of Valentia that I could base Mycen’s weapon on that aren’t already in use by another unit. Basically, it was this or the Javelin-like Saunion, and I felt like I could do more with this. I gave it a Brave effect because of the only Combat Art the weapon is able to grant in Shadows of Valentia, “Heaven or Hell,” which allows the wielder to attack twice but prevents follow-up strikes. True, I feel like I could have made this a unique B-skill; but I’m not drafting Mycen to be a special unit that would have a PRF passive. The weapon includes a prevention of followups depsite Mycen’s less-than-awesome SPD specifically for those of you who would be tempted to meme his SPD into the stratosphere. The weapon also grants Crit+20, which translates into ATK in FEH, so for a more powerful PRF, I included an effect based on Dheginsea’s Blackfire Breath.
Bonfire: Due to Mycen’s Lance lacking any other Combat Arts beyond what is included in his lance, I gave him Bonfire for his DEF.
Def/Res Solo: In Shadows of Valentia, Mycen is a pretty powerful defensive unit, with high defenses and low SPD. I decided to translate that into FEH and make him a powerhouse of a wall. I am opting for both defenses instead of ATK and DEF because Mycen’s defenses cap at one point apart, and if we go by the SoV growth rates, no SoV unit would have any RES at all.
Guard: Honestly, after giving his lance a Brave effect with that debuff and a Def/Res Solo 4, I was looking to give him something a lot more toned-down and unimpressive; but still useful.
Savage Blow: Given his mixed bulk and Brave effect, I decided that the chip damage could help Mycen’s mix-phase ability and middling ATK by giving him AOE burn.

Thoughts on my idea? Comments, maybe? Concerns? Lemme know, feedback is welcomed. If you have someone you want me to take a crack at, feel free to ask that, too.

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I like your analysis build for Mycen. It looks really cool, yet pretty balanced

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you heccin scared me


I really like it! Really interesting weapon without being OP!


Pretty good build for the boomer, i hope he reaches feh someday.


Rip to his EP tho, not being able to double even if he had QR

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Well, he is a bulky initiator, his skillset doesn’t give him much EP to begin with. Give him HB and he could run Galeforce.

Most bulky units tend to do better in EP, and besides with his Spd so low his weapon might as well be -5 Spd cuz he’s not going to Quad anyways


That’s not true when 2 of his skills would work great on EP in Solo Def/Res 4 and Gaurd. The only thing that doesn’t do well for his EP is Savage Blow… and the obvious his weapon not allowing him to do Follow up attacks… Unless you ment that the Foe cannot perform a follow up with that last part of his weapon

No, I meant that Mycen can perform followups.

DRS and Guard are both mix-phase, with two pure offense abilites. His entire gearset, including the Brave effect from his lance and disregarding the no followups, is geared towards being an initiator.

Well like I said, the only real thing stopping him from having a good EP is his wespon since everything else is easily replaceable especially for a C Skill

Does Mycen have a good chance to be on the next Valentian banner? He may not have placed as highly as Luthier or Tatiana in CYL4, but he deserves a spot in the game at some point due to how important of a figure he is to the Ram village kids, especially Alm.


If you’re going to be replacing skills, why are you complaining about the weapon’s restriction in the first place when you can just equip Null-F or replace his weapon?

Again, though. Just because a unit is bulky doesn’t mean they have a good EP. Especially when Mycen’s design here is, again, his initiation. Brave effect? Initiation. Savage? Initiation. Solo? Mix. Same with Guard. There’s also the point that his ATK sits at a now-meh 55 including the debuffs from his lance, working much better when he can fire off a special much faster when he actually gets his Brave double. Bulky ≠ EP

Can’t give him NFU when he’s a Cav tho.

And again I’m just saying Bulky units tend to play way better in EP than they do PP especially Slow Bulky units

I have no idea what Mycen’s actual odd of being added are, to be honest. I just drafted him 'cuz I like him.

“or replace his weapon”
You missed the point. If you’re complaining about his weapon, replace it.

It doesn’t matter what other units tend to do, Mycen was drafted to be a player-phase unit. Hence, his set was geared towards being player-phase.

But just because half of his weapon is PP doesn’t mean the entire thing is, yah the Brave Effect is PP, but the solo Lull effect is a mix phase aspect on the weapon which would allow him to do EP also, but because he losses out on one of the best skill’s for slow mix bulk units for EP he losses out on his EP

If you want to stay true to how SoV works heres what you could do so that you can keep the weapon how it is but allow him to be used on EP also. In SoV you can only use combat arts on PP so instead here’s what you could do

Wayward Lance - MGT: 16.
Spd-25. Attack twice when initiating combat and unit cannot perform a follow-up. If unit is not adjacent to an ally, inflicts Atk/Def-5 on foe during combat and neutralizes foe’s bonuses to Atk/Def (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat.

This stays true to how combat arts worked in SoV in only activating on PP, and can still give him a EP for when he needs it because even with Galeforce he’s not going to kill everyone in a single turn

That’s literally the same thing as what it already is, with the ine excpetion you’re hell-bent on making him EP.

Also, it’s more than only half of his weapon, the entire thing is in the exact same way that the Brave Lance is a PP weapon. I’ll ecen give you that his weapon is juat 2/3 PP. That’s a PP-oriented weapon.

The way you have his weapon he can’t do Follow up attack’s even on EP because it makes him completely unable to do them, while the way I have it which would be the proper way if staying true to how combat arts worked in SoV still allows Follow ups on EP IF you go down that route, it would give him a good weapon that can allow him to have a great mix phase build if the player wants to go that route. Because I mean let’s be honest here, his Spd in SoV is better than what his Res is in SoV where is Spd Growth is 10% while his Res is only 3% anyways and while its not that much higher, it adds up in the end