New Unit Suggestion: Rinkah, Scion of Flame

Now that I’ve fired up my unit suggestions again, I’m back. New week, new unit. Since I’ve been replaying through Fates lately, following the theft of my previous DS, I am really feeling like a Fates character this time. So. This week, I bring to you:

Rinkah: Scion of Flame

“Survival of the strongest, eh? It’s so simple. I love it. Oh, don’t you DARE surrender! I want to enjoy this!”

A fighter born into the Flame Tribe, which exists independent of the kingdom of Hoshido. Following the orders of her father, she provides assistance to the royal family of Hoshido in their struggle against the invasion of Nohr.

HP: 43
ATK: 34
SPD: 26
DEF: 33
RES: 28
MOV: Infantry

BST: 164

Weapon: Rinkah’s Club (Axe) - “MGT: 16. Prevents follow up attack in combat from unit and foes if unit’s HP ≥ 50%. Grants Atk+6 during combat when this unit is attacked. Exclusive.”
Special: Bonfire - “Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit’s Def.”
A: Brazen ATK/DEF - “If unit’s HP ≤ 80% at the start of combat, grants Atk/Def+7 during combat.”
B: Wrath - “If unit’s HP ≤ 75%, Special cooldown count-1 at start of turn if Special triggers by attacking. If Special triggers, +10 damage from Special.”

Rinkah fills the role of a frontline counter-bruiser unit. Soaking damahe for her team and giving it back doubly.

Rinkah’s Club: Rinkah’s named weapon in Fates. Unfortunately, in Fates, it only serves to reduce her effective SPD by 3. I contemplated giving the weapon a Life & Death 3-like effect, reducing her SPD and boosting…ATK, probably. Maybe DEF. I figured that a Wary Fighter-esque effect would probably be more prudent, stacking a Fierce Stance on top of it, since it’s still her exclusive weapon and it can get away with being a little powerful.
In truth: as I post this, I’m still mulling over possibilities for her weapon. I considered maybe a Wrath effect, but I feel like there’s somebody whose personal weapon already does that.
Brazen ATK/DEF: As a counter-bruiser, this ability benefits her role. As she takes damage, the fire inside her burns hotter, allowing her to soak more damage for her team as she punishes transgressions against the Flame Tribe.
Wrath: Following her theme of being a powerful fighter that grows stronger as she takes more damage, with a sweet spot between 80% and 50%, Wrath seemed like a natural addition to her kit, assuming I don’t give her weapon this effect.

Thoughts on my idea for Rinkah? Comments, maybe? Concerns? Lemme know, feedback is welcomed. If you have someone you want me to take a crack at, feel free to ask that, too.

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I love her pants though.

Unit suggestion: Altina
Show me that overpowered broken ass.

Not sure who that is, but I’ll slate her up for next week. :+1:
Gives me time to research her.

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I like her! Very well made! :+1:
I’d probably do something similar with her, if I were to make my own version. Just change some of her stats around by a few points.

Seeing this gets me a little sad, tho…
Why isn’t this hottie in Heroes already! :triumph:
I’d +10 her in an instant.

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She has gains that I can respect. I’d pull for her if she was in feh.


I’m waiting for the day Rinkah is added. I will +10 her if I can.

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Right? I mean, we had Peri from “Go.” No offense to her, but I always felt like Rinkah had more of a story presence than…well…most of the Fates units we have. And we’ve yet to see her in Heroes. :thinking:


Wary fighter on an infantry sounds really interesting!

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Yeah that would be LA!Hector and Berserk Armads. Wrath is actually what I gave her in my version of her I came up with a while ago. Weapon is the same as Berserk Armads.

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I looked it up after writing that. It was actually Tailtiu and her Tome of Thoron that I was thinking of who had that effect.

Looks like we drafted her with different ideas for her use in mind, but still had a similar statline, though mine traded SPD for RES.

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I like this. This is what theory builds should strive for.

Unique, useful, realistic.
I like it.
And we totally need Rinkah in the game. Only way I’m ok with a fates banner (Nyx, Shura and OG Charlotte would be fine too)

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