New weird glitch in shadow raids?

Lately I have had a strange glitch during shadow raids … anyone else seen this? On occasion when my counter is very, very low on HP (deep into the red) and I am using a charge move, the charge move does not complete and the Mon faints. I realize sometimes it could be the case that the shadow did NOT faint from my charge and finished me with a quick move … but it usually looks like my charge did not register at all. Notable examples are Lugia vs fighters (Machop raid) or Gengar vs Psychics. In both cases the Sky Attack or Shadowball should be devastating (and obvious) to the shadow so when the glitch happens and the shadow still has 50% or more HP left it clearly is the case that the charge did not register. I am unable to confirm if this happens during PVP as I sadly have not played GBL season 4 as the lag is so bad for the past few weeks that I cannot win a single battle. My worry is that this glitch will also happen during GBL and make that experience a truly deplorable (and unwinnable) one.

I can confirm that this “glitch” does happen in TR fights, but not in GBL/friendly PvP.

In PvP, a 3-turn move (ie. waterfall) registers its damage on the 2nd turn. So, if you use a charge move before the 2nd turn, the damage will not apply until your charge move finishes. If opponent faints from your charge move, the damage will not count.

In Team rocket battles, it seems like the damage is registering earlier than the PvP mechanism. So when you’re down to the last hit, you have to use your charge move before they start their next fast attack. Otherwise it goes into that 0 damage glitch you experienced.

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I’ve had something very similar happen to me since Gira’s been dropped. Gira will throw a charged move out (all of it moves are multi-bar) and finish a mon of mine off with enough energy for another, next mon comes out and just dies. No “Giratina used Shadow Ball”, but I still get hit like a truck as though it did fire off a charged move. I need to watch my friends’ screens and see if it actually is and my phone/service provider is gunking me up.

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The raid problem you are describing have been happening since they allowed raid boss charge moves to be dodged.

Is strange but only happens if you dodge, and I no mean that happens after you dodge, I mean is that if you dodge their is a chance that a next charge move will not only hit your current Mon, but the next one in line. You may haven’t notice it in previous bosses because your team resist the boss damage, or other puntual reason.

Niantic haven’t announce doing something about it, but most people doesn’t complain, because before this bug appears, it was imposible to dodge in raids.

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That’s right… yeah I hadn’t duoed or worry about dodging until now since that update. I do remember many months of raiding not being able to dodge, kinda surreal that now I expect to be able to dodge when we all used to just tank hits so we didn’t get caught in the death loop lol

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Happens to me in GO Rocket battles. I will have enough HP to use a Charge move but at the same time the opposing Pokemon gets off a Fast move that takes me out. The game registers zero damage to the opposing Pokemon and mine faints. However, when the reverse happens (I kill the opposing with a Fast move) the Charge move damage still goes through so I have to shield.

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I think this was discussed in another post and I believe the consensus was Team Rocket just plays dirty :woman_shrugging: