New Year Dagr longevity

I’m mostly f2p (exept few feh passes) and have 1200 Orbs stored. Since Nott and Dagr are 2 of my faves in feh (do own a +10 Nott thx to her not appearing on a Legendary Banner at first) . But i dont like my odds of going for a +10 Dagr thx to the nature of legendary banners. So this is my chance to +10 her in another very cool form. Love the art her Voice and the unit design. There is only 1 Question since this is a very heavy Investment for me as almost f2p:

What is your opinion about a +10 new years Dagrs longevity in the current game and the pace its moving at?.

Since this is a huge investment id like to make her a main stay on my main team but will she and her kit hold up through time?

Ty for taking the time to answer!


Safe to say they should last for quite some time since they are the highest scoring unit in this game right now. They can be cores in your coliseum squads for at least the next couple of years.


Most duos and harmonic units are really good units, shine on every mode and will help you clear content with ease.
Even Duo Ephraim one of the first duo units still holds up despite being outclassed by his sister that has his same weapon.
I would say that Duo Dagr will last you 3 years of full usefulness before having better options at her role.


Score 200 in arena (195 bst as a duo with 2021-2022 stats) AND a pref B skill.

Super solid unit with great debuff abilities.

Pathfinder is really good for mobility and tricks in almost every mode (AR-D, duel, PVE…)

Yes, Duo Dagr is a GREAT target


Their duo button provides massive utility and will likely keep them relevant for a while, at the very least as a movement support. And maxing out a favorite character is always a respectable goal. You should be aware, however, that with only 1200 orbs, the odds of getting 11 copies are not in your favor. The average cost is 1500-2000 orbs.


Basekit inflicts -9/10/14 Atk/Spd/Def on foe without trying. Atk/Spd or any other kind of menace gives her an 18 point swing on those stats. As a flier she’s granted plenty of easy support with wards and goads. Her button grants +6 spec to all allies nearby and gives everyone ridiculous movement potential.

Doesn’t matter where the game goes within the next year or two, that shit isn’t going out of style.

And don’t take my example as gospel, but I got her to +10 in 700 orbs rolling only green so… It is possible.


Duo Dagr is going to be a very solid investment. Since she scores 200 in Arena, she should hold for at least several BST bumps. Giving Pathfinder to everyone is really busted is probably going to be relevant for a long time. For Ar-D, she activates Duo hindrance while giving the busted Pathfinder on ALL seasons.

At the end, her relevance will certainly hold for a long time. As for the other parameters (like the cost), it’s your call.


Oh, and she’s one of the very few non-infantry units with NFU which is a game changing skill so, there’s that too.


Broken prf. Flying unit with boosted NFU. Good duo button.

The only thing against her (imo) is her being green and not colorless, but that’s just me


Note that she has a good chance of making the A hero rises banner. I would wait until March and hope that she makes it. She could end up sharing with Ninjorin, and you could end up with 2 merged duos instead of 1 and save orbs. If she doesnt make the cut, you can snipe on a dual seasonal banner instead.