New Year GSSR 2020 Rolls Gacha

As it is now december, we are now less than a month a way to 2020. Anyone else excited for this banner? What are your plans for the upcoming GSSR? Are you going Knights or Cavalry?

Here’s the link for the upcoming GSSR.

This is pooled in multiple classes:

Pool 1: Knights/Rulers/Avengers
Pool 2: Cavalry/Foreigner/Alter-Ego

  • Pool 1: Knights/Rulers/Avengers
  • Pool 2: Cavalry/Foreigner/Alter-Ego
  • Skip

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Easy for me
At least np2+ there wouldn’t get me salty



NP2 Musashi / Scathach / Okita are welcome


I have more of the other servants.

I’d be happy with any of the non-General servants or Gil, who I have maxed out.

I MIGHT go for knights for a low chance of getting Lartoria or Orion (or Eresh, if she somehow evades me on her own banner).
But the cavalry banner looks more appealing: Drake, Medb, (heck, even Ozy), Sanzang, possibility to NP2 Raikou or Kiara. Really, this banner has way more tempting targets than knights.


Prob the second banner less likely to get a uso there whale problems

I have salty rolls on both pools but Knights has my most desired pulls so I’ll take the chance.

here’s my plan. Gonna arrange all my Gil’s merchs in one place (and some Arty’s merchs too) and hoping the King would come on GSSR because I only got SALTs on TG Banner :fgo_insane::fgo_insane::fgo_insane:

Knights, because small chance to pick up Dantes ahead of his banner later in the year.

Cavalry has about the same chance of giving me a USO, but the best thing I could get there would be NP3 Cu Alter, which would be awesome, but I could also get a number of Servants I really, really don’t want (go home, Medb…stay away, Abby…).

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I have too many cavalry classes compared to knights, so I’ll go with knights this time.
I’d be happy with pretty much anyone, duplicate or nah. Even with the split, the banner is a bit too random to hope for anyone specific.

Pool 2 easly. Need a Waver or A Merlin or a Jack or an Ozy or…well Pool 2 alright


I still have PTSD from the Anniversary GSSR, which is why I should avoid the Knights Banner at all costs… But I’ll still roll there, since there are more NP+ options I’d gladly take. Heck, I’d even appreciate an USO coming from my Goddess or Saber.

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Naito… Hopefully Scathach or Jalter will cometh…

Don’t remind me… Last GSSR is a bit disappointed for me… That bear shown up…

does these mean that free quart are not useable on the gssr banner

It’s always been like that. And even when you buy SQ, make sure the ‘paid’ parts are enough to do the GSSR. The ‘bonus’ part will not count.

Good luck.

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My chances are similar in both banners, but the second has Assassins (I have none yet) and Alter egos (only have Lip and Liz). Also, another berserker besides Vlad would be nice. Of course I have some servants I want to get, and others in the same banner I really hope to avoid (I already several casters so I don’t want to be spooked by any). But, it’s too random. Expect the worst and hope for the best. I will be happy with any servant as long it’s not one I already have.

Combined with that avatar, that’s quite an ironic coincidence (?).

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Lol I said it with that in mind. I always get what I expect the least, that’s why everytime I try the paid banner I just wait and hope. So far have not been disappointed! Hopefully this time will not be an exception.

The last GSSR gave me Scheherazade. Even a USO would be better, so I’m ready to be surprised and delighted no matter what I get.