New Year, New Gacha? Of course not. It's the GSSR Roll and Misery Thread :fgo_sthenosmug:

A discussion thread for people trying to figure out what to roll is located here.

Link to official FGO news:

Little bit of info regarding the 4* and 3* Servants available to summon as well:


Make sure you answer this poll with your chosen banner so we can see what was most popular at the end :fgo_spaceishtarwink:

  • Red Three Knights (1)
  • Red Three Knights (2)
  • Red Four Horsemen (1)
  • Red Four Horsemen (2)
  • Red Extra (1)
  • Red Extra (2)
  • White Three Knights
  • White Four Horsemen
  • White Extra

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This one single banner is going to determine the entire course of your FGO summoning year, so :feh_lilithpray: to RNGesus first for good luck in 2023!


People posting poll when the banner isn’t even out yet?


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Well… There’s only one banner I want to roll on. The rest either don’t have enticing jackpots or have too many servants I never want in my chaldea that are too risky to try considering my usual GSSR luck


I have to go back and check what I decided on for both accounts because that screen shot with only 3 SSRs is misleading!


I thought the same for me when I was looking for another farmer, until I realized that I plan to go into space-ishi with 1200 quartz. I may spend 200 on masa or I may not. If I do, I’ll tell myself it’s for the castoria Ce. :fgo_bigbrain:

So then the question became: do I want to risk it for skadi or reines, the answer became no, so now I’m leaning back to nobu and kiara banner.


Definitely going for red knights 1 to avoid those pesky dupes.

Not expecting anything good on it.

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Red Knights 1 is the most appealing banner for me. I just hope that anyone who’s going for it and Muramasa (such as myself) doesn’t end up with an unwanted Void Shiki.

Yeah it really is lol. I had to double check because I said “no way the banners are that small right?”

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Only want that 6th copy of maid alter. The amount of quartz it’d save me if she came from gssr would greatly help my long list of plans for 2023. This will be 45 quartz since I started trying for that 6th copy.

Don’t know how I replied to you, @Dreamdude, but my b. Ignore it lol

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Give me that Shiki then.

I won’t say no to another Maaya voiced character ever.


doing white 4 cause it’s the only one that doesn’t have a single np5 servant so I’m not gonna get screwed over with a USO

Going Red Four Horsemen I. This is the first GSSR that I’m not that excited about in all honesty, I think my Chaldea is mostly okay as it stands and the way these banners are split just sucks.

Red Four Horsemen I has the least chance of a terrible result however Castoria is on it, so there is danger. The next best banner for me is Red Extra I, however Spishtar is on that one who I don’t want at all, as is a USO in Summer BB. They are very close, but it just slightly tips in the favour of Horsemen.

Da Vinci NP2 is actually the jackpot there.


“Three Knights”

Me: ‘Bold of you to consider any of those knights except for Arthur. Oh, they just mean the three classes…’

“Four Cavalries”

Me: ‘…But there’s only three in each, the first group is missing Berserker, the second has two Casters and an Assassin, and the third is two Berserkers and a Caster! It’s like they’re not even trying to represent all of them’

At least Extra is more simple… but they’re missing an Avenger rep! :fgo_hassanmad:


Red Cavalry 2 for me. Standing by.

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White cavalry for me, since I’ve got all my fav wants satisfied in the Red ones, and in this one the jackpot would either be Merlin, for obvious reasons and Kintoki, cause Heian-Kyo sold me hard on him. I do want Dantes as much as Kintoki but I have too many servants in white extra to try for him, so gonna skip him this time.

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New year Banner eh? feels like something missing… I remembered!!!

no GSSR for me since I can’t top up the game


I could aim for NP4 Archeria. I could also aim for NP5 Tamashark. Both of those banners are safe, no chance of NP6+. Holmes is also safe, and I don’t have him at all…
I really want to go for NP3 Kingprotea, but Space Ishtar and Melt are already NP5.

I’ll pick Red Extra 1 for my second account, still no clue about my other one.

There are targets i want in almost every banner but the risk of getting dupes/unwanted servants is higher this time. Maybe i’ll just flip a coin.

:fgo_seicheese:/7 odds, let’s get that bread

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Still a bit undecided between White Three Knights and White Extra…but I guess I’ll pick White Extra hoping for Douman.