New year = new misery. Commiserate with me everyone! (GSSR misery thread)

So it seems RNJesus has decided that after my first decent GSSR (Ozy), I am to never get another good one again.
33% chance of hitting great servants. 50% chance of an AOE zerker which I desperately need. And this is what RNJesus gifts me:

Yes yes, I know. Better than the other two STs on the list. Even still, this is at best a consolation prize. This makes 3 GSSR duds in a row. Thanks DW.

Now then, can someone else please post an even worse draw so I don’t feel as miserable anymore? :catcry:


Is this the GSSR Thread roll ??, I’m surprised that the roll thread didn’t come sooner. But it seems someone post their GSSR on the other thread.


No no. This is the GSSR misery thread.

This is where masters with D-rank luck and below come to swap harrowing war stories so as to not feel so abandoned by the world.


thanks for letting me know, hope your next GSSR is better than this. I haven’t done my GSSR, I’m kinda afraid though.

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I hit a personal jackpot this year so for once I can’t post a lackluster result from GSSR.
In past experiences though, two separate GSSRs gave me a copy of Illya. She’s NP3 and only 1 copy was from actual rate up.

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I got Hijikata, which was my least wanted servant from that banner, but berserker was the only remaining class I was missing an SSR (except moon cancer) so he filled that hole in my support list, which is something.

Yang came to comfort me though so the salt isn’t too bad.


I want to live in your world where MHXAs broken ass is a dud.


I got him, too.

I did not really want NP4, but better him than more Raikou, I guess. Was hoping for Kintoki or an extra AA in case JP doesn’t fix the situation where NP6 is required if you want 120 and all three Appends.


I am still unsure about my result.

I got King Protea. On the one hand, i did not even remember she existed…

on the other hand, i admit that she’s quite growing on me thanks to

Her " Gao " power is almost at the same level of a certain Tiger operator of Arknights…

…still, i would have liked Okita Alter, but she always avoid me.


Lol. Well, I personally think she’s a bit overrated. Plus, I already have a quick boss killer in Jack and Atalante. Hell, Atalante is even a zerker that focuses on NP-crit chains just like MHXA!

I don’t doubt MHXA is something of an upgrade to Atalante, but I wasn’t exactly struggling with using her, so it feels like an unnecessary upgrade.

What I really wanted an AoE zerker, cuz I don’t got none of those cept Chacha and her damage is potatoes.

PS: Happy new year!!


All the people here:


I wanted Tamamo, got Eresh. Still a safe result because I like her but not something I needed. GSSRs have been disappointing, even this one who is still technically a win. Worse so far was Abby by a long shot.


I rolled my first Raikou, which feels kind of meh considering I already had NP4 AA. But then again she has two interludes (those will push me to 170) and doesn’t require weird mats for skills - instant 9/9/9 before I completely forget about her.


Somehow the gssr always manage to give me the most disappointing result.
Every time I decide it’s not worth it anymore but then fall for it again.
Got bunny artoria that was the only one I didn’t want (11th card too, crappy roll overall)


I didn’t really want her at first, either, but at least her 2nd and 3rd Ascensions are rather unique, and her s2 is also interesting. Now I’m glad I got her at her event.

Silver lining and all that. GSSR has yet to give me a Servant I actually wanted when I rolled, but I’ve learned to like most of them.


I’d probably have NP5 Summer Melt if she didn’t share a rate-up with her

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I got kiara and da vinci on 2 of them which was great

But the other 2 gave me dupes even though the odds of me getting dupes were low. But at least I got lakshmi who I really wanted


Could’ve gotten Teen Angst Jeanne

Could’ve gotten Edgelord Dantes

Could’ve gotten Father Shirou…

But Instead...

It's because I've been playing too much Genshin Impact

Solo memes :fgo_buster:


Almost the same with me, but I finally got a desired servant this time. I’ve learned to like mordred and sanzang from my first two gssr’s. Tesla was at least the right niche I wanted filled, but honestly would have preferred any other AoE archer that round. Next two were plz no tier, one of which at least filled a new role I can utilize even if I dislike the character.

With that history I totally expected illya or Murasaki this time. While I wouldn’t mind them on a character level… But nether of them fill an new roles in my chaldea would have been a bummer when skadi and merlin were still options on the banner I lacked.


My first 2 GSSRs resulted in Enkidu and Arthur, 2 Servants I’d never paid much attention to when I got them. But I learned to love both of them, Enkidu has spooked me twice since and I love all the Arthur/beast lore.

@Mysty have you actually used Kiara much? (Gz on Merlin BTW!)