Newbie asking about Wymprint buff didn't max out

I have been playing dragalia lost for a while now, but there is one thing that i still confused and that is the wymprint buff for some reason the buff don’t match up what it supposed to be or you cpuld say never reach max, as example a the chocolatiers alredy max buff say "Skill prep +50% (max 100%), like that even thought i alredy fully unbound the wymprint and other wymprint has similiar case, can someone tell me how to max the buff to what it supposed to, pls repy quickly

The max is the max amount you can get from wyrmprints, not that specific wyrmprint.

So for example skill damage is max 40%. So you can’t just stack up like Valiant Crown, Resounding Rendition, Heralds of Hinamoto etc. all on the same adventurer. Even though they give +30% each, if you use all three you’ll still only have +40% not +90% because that’s the max.

Chocolatiers can only give 50% prep now, they split it in half with the wyrmprint rework. Everyone who had Choco was given a 4* print Rogue’s Banquet that also gives 50% prep. So if you want 100% prep it will use 2 of your 5 slots.

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I see, thank you for the information😄

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