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Hello everyone I have a couple of questions to ask all of you since I haven’t played this game a lot. I was a very on and off players when the first FEH event happened and hearing that there will be another FEH event happening, I decided to get back to the game. Coming back I remembered how fun the game play can be and how F2P friendly it is. I have accumulated a lot of wyrmite and adventures but I feel like I still have no idea what I am doing. I want to make Marth my lead unit and invest a lot into but idk if that’s a good idea or not. I heard he is get Mana spirals but idk what that really means. Any tips?

So each character has a “mana circle” which is in the upgrades screen. Unlocking those unlocks and upgrades their skills. Some characters have a “mana spiral” which is this game’s equivalent of a ‘retrofit’ if you play KC/AL, I’m not sure what the equivalent in FEH is. It’s basically making them a 6* unit: you upgrade all of their skills again and their level cap goes up to 100.
All of the FEH collab units are getting a mana spiral, and we are getting a rerun of the original event before the new one (IIRC).

Marth specifically has gotten a nice buff recently with “chain coabilities;” basically someone said that all characters of a weapon class felt too same-y, so they gave everyone another coability that only works on teammates of the same element.
Marth got extra strength when over 10 combo, which is very good. Alphonse got HP>60%=strength, which is nice but has a low number. Fjorm’s doesn’t help her yet, but probably will after spiral. While Veronica’s is light res when at low HP.

I would highly suggest you start working on a water character to do the fire Chimera with. He drops materials to make some great weapons for your fire units, as well as the new orb you need for mana spirals. There’s also a shadow Chimera if you want to start preparing for that as well.
There is a new set of “endgame” bosses in the Agito, they’re alternate end boss farms to the High Dragon Trials and give materials to make better weapons (at max unbind). There’s currently a wind boss that drops materials to make fire weapons and a light boss (who is very easy) that drops materials to make shadow weapons. The coming agitos will follow a similar pattern. I’m sure Marth can be used in the wind one, but he’s kinda complicated.

You’ve probably seen it, but there’s what’s basically a catch-up campaign right now that can give you a pile of wyrmite if you do a bunch of prep-for-endgame content things. It gives you a MUB anti-High Midgardsormr print and Flash of Genius, which is what you’d want to put on marth to do High Midgardsormr.

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Thank you for the info! I’ve also seen the those limited quest but I can’t beat the one where volk wrath one so difficult lol. And as for weapons, you say I should do the fire Chimera for his drops , should I build his weapon or he drops material’s for another weapon I should build?

The Chimera weapon has a ton of stats and might be what pushes you over the edge to do Volk. You need to make one weapon of the tier-2 Chimera weapon to make an agito weapon of the same type.

Standard Volk should be easy enough to (basically leech) do in co-op. If you’d prefer a ranged unit, which is easier, Xania (the 3* fire wand) has a very good mana spiral and can do even Expert HMS with the Chimera weapon; though that would require farming materials for her in addition to preparing for Marth (assuming that’s a bigger priority).