Newbie help pls!

Hi everyone! I started playing Arknights one week ago, after seeing the art of Skadi and immediately falling in love with her. I searched about tips and how to play properly but i’m still a little bit confused about this new game. I will put here a screen of my actual operators, can you please give me some tips or if it is better to reroll.
Ps. I know Siege and Skadi are really good operators but i would like if i have the right characters to form a quite strong team.
Thank you again!

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Well, vanguards and snipers are probably the two most important classes so since you have the best vanguard in the game rn (Texas is probably second best btw) I’d say you’re doing better than average.

As far as building a strong team goes, you can do that pretty reliably with 4-stars in this game and since the six stars you already have are some of the most flexible, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time making strong teams even as the maps get harder.

Skadi’s apparently incredible too by the way. I can’t really attest to that since I haven’t used her myself but you definitely don’t need to reroll if there isn’t a specific character you want.

you don’t need to reroll, the 3* and below they gave out for free is enough for all the contents in the game rn, just reroll if there is someone you really want
also, a ‘strong team’ is really map dependant, some operators are bad against certain maps while others are good against them, so yeah, try to learn about your operators strength and try to raise anyone you think might be useful later

You can basically use whoever you like and still succeed in this game. As a matter of fact, three star units are oftentimes way more useful than you’ll expect just because they can be very cheaply promoted to E1.

To put this into some kind of perspective: ‘end game’ for units is E2, essentially. 4* units and above can be promoted once to E1, and then max leveled and promoted again to E2. I’m level 50 now, have dumped a lot of time into the game, and have E2’d two 4* units. I am very close to E2ing my first 6*, Hoshiguma, but it is a massive time sink and a very time consuming grind.

E1ing a 5* or 6* is a hassle but still reasonable, but if you want to E2 things and get some ‘core units’ at ‘end game’ level, you’re going to want to look at 4* units.

TLDR: Don’t worry too much about having ‘the best’ units because, frankly, you couldn’t even use a team full of six stars unless you had ungodly amounts of time on your hands and enough stamina refreshes to grind out materials for them.

Sora is made of win. Especially her S2. Pair her with warfarin or any self dmg buffer like meteorite/silverash/skadi/Spectre etc for ultracheesemode.