Newbie is looking for friends and guides

Basically I got back to the game after over three years break with new account. A lot has changed and I am a little lost. Started as f2p, planning to maintain that and save for something good in future. I need a bit people who could carry me, until i could get decently leveled characters. Rerolled for Heracles and Carmilla, so I have a good start I guess. I need a bit of new knowledge and reminders here and there. If anyone is willing to help me, I would be thankful. My id is 657 664 619.



I’m full right now, but using Follow will help you so much since you’re in Part 1.


Followed accounts’ Servants will always appear during Part 1 story quests except where support is not allowed or is set to NPC-only.

Borrow something like my Arjuna Alter for quests when you want faster completion and/or don’t want to invest mats in your starter Servants just yet.


Here’s mine 733,228,728 if you want it. I don’t have much in terms of gamebreaking SSRs but I do play with mostly 1-3 stars and I’m currently at Atlantis so if you want tips on anything you can message me or something.


You have an above-average start, as your Herc will “pinch hit” for pretty much everything as you build your roster.

I’ve sent a request as “Langley”, and I’ve got a Herc that has carried others through Part 1 and into LB1/LB2, but it wouldn’t hurt to borrow a lv.90+ servant with full class advantage.

If you’re still in Part 1, be sure to Follow 3 strong players from the Friend list here. Gou has a really solid roster, along with Cards. Don’t be afraid to use Command Seals Revive for Boss Fights. Unlike the anime, you get one back every day, so you can clear a hard fight once every 3 days. Also, try do the Event. If you ever get stuck, there are lots of great guides on Gamepress, and the Q&A here is pretty good.

Have fun!


I would answer to all of you now I guess, Just In parts. First person to reply:

Oh, no no, just started, didn’t even had much time to level up my characters, because i focused so hard on rerolling. I don’t have anyone on my friendlist, yet, hehe.
I am thankful for your servants and advices :). As I remember it’s quite hard in the beginning to have someone high leveled on your friendlist, because a lot of people has occupied spots in friendlist or think that you are not needed. Maybe would drop the game fast, because some players do that quickly after checking the game’s background personally. I am planning to stay for a bit, anyway :). I would use follow option if I would need it. That’s nice change, really. It wasn’t even here three years ago as I remember.

As for second reply, yeah, sure, any friend here would be nice and low leveled servants are also very nice at times. Preferably Arash I hope is still op for one star. Would be happy to have you around :).

And finally, my third friend:
I had Herc on my Old account and he was really much help. I couldn’t imagine a game without him a bit so I kept rerolling to get him and extra 4 star servant I would also like. It was Carmilla for my suprise, and I really love her, she’s a bit of waifu, so I am more than happy. I would borrow your servants happily and I am very grateful. Just need to finish that Fuyuki, cause I immediately went here after finished reroll and went to sleep for a little at least. That rerolling was tiresome for sure, but it payed on the end.
I would try to complete the event after I would finish Fuyuki thing.

Anyway, to all of you, I am really grateful. I would add all of you now as a friends. I would be here also, so we can text if anyone of you is interested.
Have a pleasant day, everyone.


Added you. IGN is Emprisk. My All slot should have NP2 Arjuna Alter lvl 90 10/10/10 with a MLB Kscope for story content.

I like to keep my FL full because I hate getting requests from randos. I’m typically a lot harder on them because i can’t communicate with them.

In any case, welcome back!

While you’re at it learn about splitting your support list between Main and Event. Should be pretty straight forward for what each is for.

Just throw a comment and we can accomodate you most likely in case you need something for hard event/story quests. Or in the case of new gameplay stuff/Anniversary bonuses you want to question.

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Oh, I am very grateful :) I added you recently. Now I can start to play properly with some helpful people here. Like really I am very indebted to you all.
As for splitting my support, yeah I would do that. I remember that vaguely from the past, that option. I used it a bit. Just I didn’t have much for now. I need to properly start playing now, hehe. Your offer for further helping is also very nice and I would keep that in mind.
Anyway, thanks again and have a good day :).


Sending you a request shortly, IGN Alex 765,286,974
I don’t have the best SL, but I hope you will find something useful from it


I accepted already. You have very fine servants, certainly useful. Thank you very much for request. Wish you all the best :).


name is mia w all slot dantes, no good assassin or rider units but everything else is usable


Just sent you a friend request, my in game name is Val 207,767,331. All slot should be good for normal wave clear and archer can carry you for boss battles. I hope my servants are useful to you.


I am very thankful :). Mostly I am aiming to max Herc’s Bond as soon as possible and using a lot of servants with that best bonus craft essence, giving me 15 bonus as support. But sometimes I need something more than a caster support to clear something and I am thankful that I have that option anyway. Thank you so much, all of you. You are immense help until I would get mine own first 5 star. Cannot even explain how this is making everything easier. Wish you all the best. Many hugs and kisses. Btw. I Aam a girl, so don’t be afraid with that kisses sentence, hehe :).


Well if you’re new to the site, use these:

What and Where to farm for stuff:

Event comprendium:

These have been floating around for a while.

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Here is mine 273,203,156.

I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years and have opened my wallet a few times for better or worse so my roster is kind of stacked. If anyone else needs as well i have some space available.

Well welcome back in hell!
I have been playing this game for past 1.5 years and if needed here is my code 221,240,899. I got bunch of stuff in my FL given I have some luck as f2p.
I got some good supports in faces of Merlin and good attackers like Nero caster, Gilgamesh, Artoria archer, Quetz and Mordred along Kama. Not so high in np levels but if needed I got a bunch of usable stuff.

I recently purged my friend list of inactive users so I got space for more friends.

Feel free to add or follow me if any of this seems useful to you.


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As it sounds like you have solid Support to carry, you should be able to keep getting by with Herc, Carmilla, and the better 3-stars (Caesar, Euryale, Cu, Ushiwakamaru, Avicebron). You can defer pulling until a banner appears with someone you want, and then go big on leveling whatever gold servants you get.

Good luck!


Welcome to the forum :) I’ve cleared out a slot and send you a request from Fluffers. My SL is nothing amazing but hopefully you’ll find someone helpful~ Looks like you’ve planned things out with the top two starter servants! :slight_smile:

A few thoughts about events:

  • The current event might be a bit hard if you don’t have at least one servant of 40~60 level per class because we don’t get to use supports as much. Can’t hurt to try though since most battles costs 1AP each. Here’s this GP guide and the forum has a discussion thread if you’re looking for bantering about the event and how people are clearing it :)

  • From now until March, events only require completing Fuyuki, so definitely take advantage of those!

  • Ideally you’ll want to finish Orleans for the Apocrypha event. It has Sieg as welfare (free!) servant and he’s pretty good for farming. I’m waiting to snag him too ;)

Until Camelot you should be able to speed through most fights with friend supports (Read: Arjuna Alter) :slight_smile:

If you are stuck on something, the FGO General Support Thread is very active and you can ask pretty much anything there. Enjoy! :catwave:


@White Echoing others, welcome to the game as well as Gamepress! You should a request from Tenebrae. Have fun, and enjoy the antics of your favourite Servants~ :fgo_ereshlove:


You got the wrong crowd if you think most of us would blink an eye at guys blowing kisses :stuck_out_tongue: