Newbie , should I grind side quest?

Hi everyone, I’m a noob at E7 having started a couple of days ago. Currently rank 20 with my main team around level 32.
I managed to complete the guilty gear side quest and get a copy of Sol Badguy moments ago. I’m never going to be able to get all copies of him to make him future level 60? Should I farm a event currency one at a time for as many copies in case of rerun or go for artefacts? If so, is the last quest in each area best place to grind the event currencies?
Or carry on main story as I’m only around chapter 4 somewhere?

Getting a copy of Sol is already great. Memory imprints are more like icing on the cake so you don’t have to absolutely grind for more copies. Having more doesn’t hurt, but not having the imprint will not ruin Sol.
The artefact is not very important since there are much better choices (namely Daydream Joker).
The Mola Gora on the other hand is something you should definitely get from the side story. Skill enhancements play a very large role in unlocking a characters potential.

So if you think you can go for more copies of him you should definitely try since it will make promoting Sol much easier. If not that’s also ok, but you should try to get at least the Mola Gora from the event shop.

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Thank you for your advice :) grab the fancy but not tiresomely grindy fancy store stuff
I decided after a bit of math it would take a lot of grinding now just to get one more copy but not impossible. Just likely not worth the effort and hope for a rerun in a year or two lol