Newer F2P Looking For Summon Advice

I use to play the game (about two years ago), and after losing my old account, have been trying to get back up and running after reinstalling last winter. As the Gacha can be pretty low odds, and being more F2P oriented I’ve really been wondering, what Heroic Spirits should I try and grab when they come with higher rates? I only currently have one 5 star and three 4 star servants, and would like info. Thx


Quick answer: Roll for units you like

Quick gameplay answer: Big support casters

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Well, all gold servants (more or less) have an inferior version with comparable utility.
Like Hans being the poor man’s Merlin for example. Don’t make the same mistake I did and get him ready to fight as soon as possible.
Same can be said about any role you may go for.

If you’re asking for a generic priority : Helena Blavatsky, Zhuge Liang and/or Merlin. Those three are casters and will have a huge impact in most cases you’ll face.

First, just in case you weren’t aware, rate-ups DON’T actually make it that much easier to summon a Servant. This is especially important to remember if you intend to remain F2P.

SSRs have a 1% Summon rate regardless of the banner. For the Story Summons banner (don’t roll here by the way) that 1% is normally divided equally among all 5* Servants in that banner. For rate up banners, if there is only 1 5* on rate up, they get 0.7% chance out of that 1%, while the remaining 0.3% is left to be divided among all the other 5* Servants. If there are 2 SSRs, they each get 0.4% chance while the other SSRs share the remaining 2%.

It’s similar for the SRs only with a total of 3% for them.

With that in mind, you’ll want to do one of two things. Either save a lot of SQ over several months for maybe 2 or 3 5* Servants per year, spaced out carefully so you have time to save up again.


You can roll once or twice for most banners and hope you get lucky along the way.

As an F2P myself, I always keep this in mind when planning who to save and roll for.

That said, if in terms of gameplay, I suggest saving for support Servants. Having your own support Servants like Tamamo, Merlin, Waver and Skadi (who comes out this July) opens up a lot more in terms of team composition options compared to having your own offensive servants.

Also, don’t sleep on your low rarity Servants. A lot of them offer utility that can match, or even surpass, their higher rarity counterparts. It’s very much possible to clear the game with only the 1-3* Servants.


I think you mean Waver here. Hans buffs ATK, DEF, and crit (while also providing healing).

Bottom line: roll for who you like. If you don’t like a servant, you’re much less likely to want to devote resources to them or bring them on battles. Remember that there are awesome gems in the 1-3* rarities so shiny golds aren’t required, though they can make things easier.

Beyond who you like, It’s easier on your resources to get supports, then borrow the specialized dps you need rather than building an army right off the bat. (Note the caveat that the major supports flood the support lists, but it can take several refreshes to get a specific dps to show up.) I undervalued supports as a newbie, and I struggled with harder content as a consequence.

Waver, merlin, skadi, Tamamono are the major supports everyone strives for. But don’t forget the lesser supports like Helena, CasGil, and Ozy. If you can rush part 1 of the story, upcoming event gives Sakamoto as a welfare (kit similar to ozy, but arts not buster) though Solomon completion required.

This is my strategy. I don’t have the discipline to save in the first place, and it keeps my expectations low and me out of the salt threads. Even still I average 1 ssr every 2 months after almost 900 days. Sometimes I chase a servant across 6 banners before winning (Tamamono), others just come without a fight (Ozy, Hokusai, Jack x3), and more remain elusive and require further chasing (waver, maybe on his sept banner).

This is right. He provides crit buffs stars and healing. He has more similarity with Merlin than Waver.

I call Hans a poor man’s Merlin myself, because when I think of Waver, I think “team NP Charge” of which Hans has one for only himself. And when I think of Merlin, I think of his healing (other than his Buster buff, that is), which is really Hans’s strong suit. Obviously, neither are completely accurate–it all depends on what you consider the defining characteristics.

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All the advice here is correct pretty much so far, but another thing when it comes to summoning as an F2P is to keep expectations realistic. Sometimes, despite saving, shite happens and you won’t get the ssr you wanted or saved up for (like me and squirtoria last year). Other times, you make a YOLO roll and strike literal gold, getting an unplanned SSR. Such is the nature of the gacha

Most folks probably think Shakespeare for poor man’s merlin since merlin is considered the red support (despite supporting non red just fine).

I should probably learn how to actually use Hans. By the time I got around to learning supports were amazing and should be prioritized, I’d already gotten so accustomed to just borrowing waver… Though that would require skilling up properly for proper effect.


The thing about Hans is that he’s more of a sustain-support as opposed to NP charge or buff support. That’s why I don’t consider him a real good fit for the “Waver” title.

IMHO, one of the best CEs to put on Hans is Volumen Hydragyrum (if I spelled that right…). It gives him early sustain for himself, so you can maybe try to get his NP OC’ed. And when up against Riders, it’s even more important. The other thing is that you have to end up using his face cards to help build NP for the team–and this will rely on the DPS servants having enough NP gain themselves, or enough arts cards to get arts chains.


@Dreamdude @Zhiroc


I’m probably just used to calling him that. Also, prior to this, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone referring to Hans as budget/poor man’s Merlin.

You should check future summoning banners to determine 1 banner to go all in each year, 1-2 10x rolls for other banner. Ultimately, it’s your servants choose you, not the other way.

Ive heard that the next GSSR banner will only cost 15 paid sq. Is this true?

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Yup. And it’s a change that applies to all GSSRs going forward.

Also, welcome to the GP forums. :partying_face:


Whoa for real? Im f2p up until now so this is a very big deal for me. How many gssr summons will be available this year 'cept for the one during 3rd anniv?

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Just that one actually. We only really get 2 per year. New Year’s and Anniversary. So the next one will be New Year 2021.


Cool, thx for the info bud :facepunch:

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Just roll if you want (Twice max per new banner), if you’re early in the game you can’t really PLAN your team because GACHA. I did the same.

The only “saving” you need to do is to be able to atleast roll once on the next banner. Only really plan when you have established servants on every class that can carry you during the game (like say, you have atleast 1 ST and 1 AOE established servant per class). When you’re in the early portions, and low on servant count, just keep rolling. And also stay away from the :salt: