Newest +10 #45 to the barracks + more

It has been nearly a month since my last thread that I had made so what better way than a new +10 unit

Yesterday I went to fodder AD near and Sturdy Stance 3 from Dedue for B.Edelgard and fat fingered and didn’t fodder Sturdy Stance 3 to her and figured HM.Grima would be the way to go

First circle on my quest to get him

Then went to the new banner to break my pity

First circle again

Now time to wait until tomorrow for HF.Grima’s banner to try to +10 her also


:catclap: like the Edel fodder too :feh_edelsmug:

69 Def before the effective 75

Now just need to +10 B.Hector and give him Far Save I merged the A.Fjorm so I’ll need at least 1 more copy


They are a deadly combo ngl :catburn:


Going to be even deadlier next year with her refine :feh_edelsmug:




Around 200 orb’s… the first 100 got me 3 of the 4 copies I needed

The next 100 orb’s got me an entirely different Green Dragon to +10

And 2 merges of the opposite Grima

Dang nammit all I needed was 1 more copy


When you forget that you get a free 5* copy of Resplendent’s because you’re tired… so I guess here’s #47 while I’m at it now

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My 2nd 5* Seasonal unit is now finished :clap: :clap: :clap:

At least for merges


Hell yeah, nice job! :catclap:

All’s left now is to +10 Fedelgard then the infamous Duo will both be +10

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Imagine being able to have 40% DR against anything with 67 Res or lower, could go a little further with a Res refine… but I think 67 Res should be good enough for full 40% DR

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I would hope lol

40% DR on top of -15 Atk against the foe… an absolute tank she can be

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