Newest Shadow Moms?

What’s everyone’s opinion on the new round of shadows? I am kind of excited about machop and arcanine. I have a shadow metagross and gardevoir that have been my jewels thus far. With this weekends event I was able to Tm frustration and now have a MAXED SHINY SHADOW metagross with MM/EQ. I am dust poor now unfortunately so that’s all I have. :(

Machamp has reclaimed his title as the fighting DPS champion thanks to shadow Machop… so that’s a great thing to hunt for (although VERY costly)

Shadow Growlith has been around for months so nothing new there.

It was nice to be able to TM away frustration on a lot of mine, but the next Team Rocket Takeover event will happen before I’ve had the chance to do anything with the ones I TMed yesterday

I am not sure about the new shadow Pokémon. I am not really looking for the new shadow Pokémon when I encounter the grunts. I am hoping to find the older shadow Pokémon like Larvitar and Dratini. Although shadow Machop seems helpful.

By a shadow mom, do you mean breeding shadow Kangaskhan to produce shadow Cubone?


Not complaining, since Shadow Snorlax and Shadow Dragonite are back. Shadow Machamp was nice too. Too bad, I didn’t have one with good ivs, so it’s nil.

Not a lot of new ones but I always like the Nidos so I’m hunting for a good one for GL! Also trying for a good Skuntank (that 75k needs to go down before I’ll drop the stardust for a 2nd charge move :sweat_smile:). Same for Forretress. Glad that Sierra is tougher (possibly the hardest yet) and has an awesome drop: Lapras!