Newish (ftp) player few questions

So I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, I’m upto 10-1 in the story using sol, destina, silk & yuna. I’m ftp but would probably spend money to get some of the ml5s I want (Ken, krau and tenebria). From what I have seen wyvern is the thing I need to concentrate on for the best gear. Other than yuna, I have Karin, Alexa, monmerancy & taranor guard. Would using the last 4 be a viable team? As 3 of them are 3 stars (that I have copies as well) I figured I’d be saving molas and maybe I could drop one for furious when I get him.

The other question is do I just hoard skystones for wishes or spend some on the epic pass or other things?

Oh and last question, what should I be upgrading in the sanctuary?

Thanks in advance

Epic Pass is great value for sky stone imo, 900 or 1800 for a skin which is great.

For the Wyvern question, you should look into leveling up Momont and upgrade her into Angelic Momont, she will greatly help in your Wyvern. Alexa is also pretty good for Wyvern since she have poisons, Karin have def down which is amazing.

Sanctuary upgrade wise, I’ll recommended the Soul Isle Extension so you could have 3 creatures going, the Laboratory is a must too.

For the wyvern runs: all the units you’ve mentioned are worth using for it and only 2 of the 5 (including furious) need molas to boost their skills.

For hoarding skystones and such: using them on the 900 pass is a decent pick but personally I’d hold on to them and save them up for bookmarks and building up that resource for the collaboration coming up + getting that amount to 660+ bookmarks for the whole 121 summons for 5* units you really want later on if your short on good picks.

Sanctuary wise:

  1. prioritize on heart of orbis that builds your skystones/gold overtime and maxed 3/3/3 to get as much skystones and gold as quickly as possible plus the ×3 triple bonus at 50% of the time is worth doing first to build up for gear costs later on and for later bookmark/pass purchases as well which works well on my earlier point :arrow_up:

  2. After that then I’d work on forest of souls to have 3 avaliable slots. The 2*/ 3* penguin upgrade and the less time needed to grow upgrades ain’t worth it till you have a shit ton of units later on AND if your really active.

  3. After those then the Smith workshop should be considered a priority by this point on lessening the materials needed for forging good gear and to up your chances for epic ranked gear, 3/3 respectively in those two areas

  4. The alchemist steeple is more of a end game spot but still worth importance since crafting charms for rings and necklaces are really good here plus the idea of changing catalysis that you don’t need for some needed on awakenings and skill upgrades can save you time on the grind, so really it depends on how far you are at for this one

I should state that this was how I prioritized my sanctuary so depending what your missing atm I’d focus on what you need the most from here. Since your almost done on episode 1, id say 3 sounds like a good option to start when you start on the either the epilogue or episode 2, lv70+ gear helps out alot by this point. The last building i forgot to mention really ain’t worth your orbis points unless you don’t pvp much or do the labyrinths and even then its not much…

that’s for those wanting to progress quickly through the story to get out of episode 1 quickly so players farming gear and runes can quickly go to episode 2

Cool thanks for all the advice! I think in that case I may hold off on the epic pass so I can get more summons as I didn’t see anything in there that I think I absolutely need.

I’ve spent some to increase hero capacity to 125 and I’m thinking of increasing the armour to at least 150/200 at some point.

What do you guys do with penguins by the way? I’m guessing level fodder but do you sell the 3 star ones for the blue stone or keep em? I’ve got 60 something blue stones and I know you can get at least 1 a day so are they that special or is it better to use them for fodder?

I use the 3* penguins for level fodder. 3* units and higher can give you a stone as well, i don’t think phantasmas do though… Anything 2* or lower will only give you gold also

Those blue stones are sliver transmit stones and depending if your pushing for promotions or upgrading a 4*/5*'s skills then either the gold phantasma or the molas are the best purchases using those stones in the shop. There’s also those orbs you can get to allow a unit’s D-SSS merged passive stats to apply to themselves, but that depends on the units passive itself if you want said passive active on said unit (I should note you only need 1 orb per unit, no matter how low merged the unit is there passive is unlocked permanently as long as said unit has a copy merged). A 2* penguin for 3 sliver stones is not worth it unless you are heavily pushing a unit to 6*

So I’ve now got luluca and Spector tanebria so I’m wondering who to invest and give better gear for wyvern runs?

I was using furious, Karin, Alexa and momo and cos of furious’s s2 makes everyone 100% crit it worked well, but maybe luluca or stene might be better in there somewhere I don’t know

Honestly your team comp is already good for wyvern runs. Due to the higher levels of wyvern runs needing an all ice team so the wyvern itself don’t get a CR boost (and probably something else im missing), id keep with what your using.

Now going creative with either Luluca or Spector Tenebria for said team, id personally go with S Tene for 2 reasons:

  1. she has poison in her s1 which could chip the boss well but I honestly don’t know if its immune to poison… I haven’t tried that method, I should try that out :thinking:

  2. her S2 skill forces to boss to not attack her expect when it does that aoe before the barrier as long as your team is alive

Her poison has 70% to land which is pretty decent (way better than Fairytale) but relying on poison is gonna make your auto one hell of an RNG fest