Newish player need help building a proper team

Thanks for the help



You can go with a God ki team :

Fighters : Vegeta SSGSS LF (GRN), Goku god (PUR), Goku SSGSS (BLUE) + Goku SSGSSKK (YEL) if need yellow in fight.
Bench : Vegeta SSGSS (PUR), Shallot (just for his Health bonus)

YYB team :

Fighters : Hit (YEL), Gohan SSJ transfo (YEL), Vegeta SSJ transfo SSG (BLUE)
Bench : Goku SSJ2 (YEL), Tien EX (YEL), Broly DBS (PUR)

Movie team :

Fighters ; Bojack Full Power (PUR), Gohan SSJ transfo SSJ2 (YEL), Vegeta base transfo SSJ (BLUE)
Bench : Broly DBS (PUR), Bojack EX (GRN), Broly (GRN)

Female Warrior :

Fighters : A21 f2p (BLUE), A21 Majin (PUR), A18 (RED)
Bench : Mai (GRN), Ribrianne (BLUE), A17 EX (GRN)


Fighters : Vegeta SSGSS LF (GRN), Vegeta SSJ transfo SSG (BLUE), Vegeta SSGSS (PUR)
Bench : Vegeta base transfo SSJ (BLUE), Vegeta SSJ (RED), Vegeta SSG (YEL)

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