Next Buddy?

This is my current buddy, who I’m shooting to best buddy with

And this is the candidate for my next one that I have in mind

Specifically Doduo cuz I feel like those things are rarer than Deino. What would you pick? This is my only doduo that I have caught, btw.
Edit: Also slightly considering this one

Goldeen is less rare, but I still only have one of them.
And this is completely unrelated, but this is beautiful

Just look at the background.

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Nice background pick! I wouldn’t worry about the Duduo. For one thing, it’s not especially good in any format and for another, during partly-cloudy or windy weather they tend to be more frequent. If you have any 1km 'mon that you are tryin to get more candy for, I would shoot for those first since they have the greatest benefit from being your buddy. Otherwise, go for your favorite! Its not such a huge boost that you need to be too strategic with it.

Yeah, several months ago I caught a level 35 doduo, 15/15/14…guess that could be a Best Buddy Ultra joke. I guess Drill Peck ok and Bravebird improved. Maybe Steel Wing to hurt a fairy? Just no coverage charged move, all are flying. I’ll look at Bulbapedia to see if there are potential coverage improvements.

No I just want Dodrio for my Pokédex, I’m pretty close to all 151, just need Poliwrath, Dodrio, Seaking, Um well I’m at 144 anyway,

Just for my own curiousity I started looking for another move Niantic could give Dodrio, I didn’t see anything that would make it possible to ever be used. No shields with Feint Attack it can beat Swampert, but Brave Bird takes as long as 1.99 Hydro Cannons, so it wins by 0.01 Hydro Cannons.

Ah hmhmhm yes maybe this boi

First ever Rayquaza and it’s 96% IV


My Pokédex says 105 Rayquaza caught, maxed a 15/13/14. And maxed a lucky shiny lower than that. No 96’s despite the catches and 5 luckies.


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Ok so I’m just asking but which one should I evolve? The one star Shelgon, one on the left, or the three star shelgon, one on the right?

Just wait until the dragon event is over. Or even wait until end of year’s event when there.might be a chance of getting CD move (I think outrage?). So, none of them.
Did you catch em like this? Cause for the first time ever I saw a wild Shelton today

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Well the stronger Shelgon was wild. The other one I evolved from Bagon. I need to name it Bagel, shoot.

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Walk a highly useful but rare non-legendary. My last buddy was Riolu but I recently switched to Litwick. Under the old system, I walked Chansey over a thousand km. If you missed Beldum day, it is another good choice.

At the moment, I am best buddying an Hundo Eevee, because it seems (nothing confirmed) that you have to BB it to eventually evolve into Sylveon.

In your choices, go for the salmon, you can elite TM Seaking and he becomes very useful!

I agree with @stativision on this one: wait until the event is over or until the December CD. Do you have some good Dragon attackers? If so, waiting will likely pay off. If you are really hard up for a good Dragon-type attacker, than go for the one with highest CP since it will be useful now and you can save up candy to evolve a higher IV during the December CD weekend.

ok. so, you also think goldeen looks like salmon? eehee, it does kinda look delicious.

Oh wait now this boi might be in first place for next best buddy now

If ur wondering what it’s holding, it’s Thor’s hammer becuz it managed to KO a Moltres in GBL in green health. Oh and also the Moltres got a boost with AP. Cherrim next in line, bois!