Next Community day Speculation

Any predictions on the next day? Trapinch would be pretty cool. I love Flygon and an earth power Flygon would be top 3 in Ground DPS.


After that? Guessing Trapinch or Rhyhorn.

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Mudkip is an almost certainty for July. Without fail, since March last year, they’ve alternated the starters in Pokedex order.

As others mentioned, Mudkip for July is basically a shoe-in.

After that, I’m gonna go and place my bets on Ralts for August. The recent addition of the Fairy quick move Charm to the game master makes me think that will end up being the CD move for Ralts.

Otherwise, Trapinch, Rhyhorn, and Porygon would be my next guesses.

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As everyone said, easily Mudkip in June.

I’m not so sure about Earth Power Flygon or Charm Gardevoir for August. When new moves are created for an upcoming CD, they’re added to the files within days. Charm and Earth Power were added over a month before, and I’d think Charm would be released before then, perhaps as another TMable move like Earth Power.

I’m fairly sure August will be Gible. The pseudo-legendaries have been 4 months apart with a non-starter and non-pseudo-legendary in the 2 months prior. The exception was Beldum and Bagon, but I blame that on having the December CD (all previous CDs) in the 2 months after Beldum. So they pushed back both the following non-start and non-pseudo legendary (Swinub to Feb) and the following pseudo-legendary (Bagon to April). August will be 4 months after April, so I bet on Gible.

Then Turtwig in September, and a non-starter, non-pseudo-legendary in October.

I herd u liek what’s in July


Gible was just released last month. Why would it get a CD so soon? (Then again, Mamoswine was released through a CD.)

My predictions:
July - Mudkip (Hydro Cannon)
August - Ralts (Charm)
September - Turtwig (Frenzy Plant)
October - Rhyhorn (Rock Wrecker)

A Trapinch day would attract even less interest than Slakoth day. With Earth Power, Flygon would have DPS comparable to Rhyperior with Earthquake, but much lower TDO. On the other hand, Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker would have the second-highest DPS (behind only Rampardos but beating SD Tyranitar) and highest TDO among Rock attackers.

They could delay Gible because it was soon, but I don’t think they’d do it for that reason. Especially considering Mamoswine.

Gen 3 had two pseudo-legendaries and gen 1 and gen 2 had already been released when community days started. So they did have quite a few pseudo-legendaries. After Gible, there aren’t any more pseudo-legendaries until they release a new generation, with each new gen having one. If they wanted to keep to the rate of 1 pseudo-legendary every 4 months, they’d need to release new gens very quickly. CD Gible in July is very doable, but releasing 5th Gen Deino in November, and then 6th Gen Goomy in April (or June with the 6 months break) is more questionable since their gens may not even be released by then.

They could very well permanently slow down the pseudo-legendaries to the aforementioned 6 months because of this, particularly following on from the Beldum-Bagon break. This would mean Gible would be released either in August or October. However, I think it’s very unlikely that Gible will be released on any other month. I only see them having a break longer than 6 months for CD pseudo-legendaries if the upcoming pseudo-legendaries haven’t been released yet.

Those of us who are all about PvP would disagree if they give it Earth Power. Plus, Flygon has a cool shiny. Slaking, on the other hand, is just universally disappointing. :grin:

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Wasn‘t Smack Down in the files quite a bit before Larvitars CD though?

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Unless Dunsparce or Kricketot get a CD, this won’t happen. Slakoth community day was so underwhelming that despite the weather malfunctioning in Europe most people just rolled their eyes and said whatever.
It’s true that trapinch got a bad rep, due to being a 10 km troll, since it’s moveset made it unusable. It’s stats make it a rather meh choice as a dragon attacker, but it deserves to get Earth Power, which would made it a solid counter against electric types. And frankly, we already had way worse CD candidates so far…

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I looked this up, since I previously thought that it was inserted into the files after Larvitar CD was announced. But it was actually put in at the same time as Blast Burn, one day and one month before Larvitar CD and before Larvitar CD was announced. That’s still a shorter time frame than till August though. Not far enough that I’d rule out Charm Ralts, but that it would make it less likely. Earth Power seems more doubtful since Pokemon like Camerupt have already been given it.

I doubt they’d release charm as a CD move, since gardevoir already is a super niche pokemon, and the addition of a fairy fast move wont change anything aside from very few matches againt double dragon sets (and most of the big dragons have passed us recently, so they wont be around for a good while most likely) while at the same time massively handicapping every other fairy who wont get charm, thus we are back at square one for every other fairy that no fast move exists. Then theres the matter of Gallade, yeah gardevoir will get a better fast move, but why does everyone forget about gallade? Charm would be basically useless for it, more likely than not im expecting it to be just future sight for both of them, since last time a split evo was a CD, ie eevee, they all for the same move.

Charm seems much more a move that will be given to more pokemon in an expansion rather than a CD like Earth power was. Trapinch CD for EP I could see, and it would make it at least a competent ground attacker for the ranks, though agaisnt that doesnt say much since all ground attackers are just kinda not good options unless bosted/supreme level of effectiveness

Rhyperior with rock wrecker, would be nice, but given RW would need to be absolutely freaking busted to compete with rampardos……I dont see much becoming of this avenue unless it is a good PvP move

Eevee is a special case though, in my opinion at least. Eevee is famous for Last Resort, and the Eeveelutions already have the best sets for their type, so it was easy enough to slap Last Resort on all of them. I could very well see Niantic giving Gallade and Gardevoir different moves, possibly Gallade a good Fighting type charge move. I‘d think they‘d actually want to give them good moves, considering they have Megas and might become metarelevant if those ever get implemented.

I like it!!! A theory based on a pattern that doesn’t exist


Last resort isn’t something eevee only gets, a fairy number of Pokémon do, it’s mostly because of its Z move eevee got known for it.

A different charge move for ballade could happen, but it doesn’t learn a lot of those big fighting type moves, and even with a mega for gallade being implemented potentially , there will be better mega fighting types, blaziken and lucario and depending, mega mewtwo X, mostly it’s due to low kick not being a great move, it would need both a good CD move and either a movepool expansion with a new fighting move (since it learns neither counter nor dynamic punch) or a buff to low kick. (Or third option with an absolutely busted fighting charge move that basically only it will have).

He actually is correct, that has been the recurring pattern for the past year and a half, whether intentional or not on niantic’s part, that has been the way CDs have been.

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I see trapinch as a fine choice with earth power. It doesnt have to be the best to be good/worthwhile. Rhyhorn would be cool but a lot harder to throw at than other CD mons. Porygon is interesting but how would they handle both upgrade and sinnoh stones? I like the idea of ralts and give them both a different charge move while making charm live like how they did with torchick and blaze kick(without the day 1 nerf)

If they keep with the pseudo legendary pseudo pattern, how about starting over with dratini while the other months continue on with new mons

From a raid perspective the problem with earth power Flygon is that Garchomp exist, and it is more likely to have a Community day move, which right now have to be earth power( or Draco meteor) , unless they add a new move for it like Dragon Rush.

They could release Charm for a Ralts CD and subsequently make it available to others, like Togekiss.

SD/SE Rhyperior has 3% lower DPS and 0.6% lower TDO than SD/SE Tyranitar.

If RW is an improvement, SD/SE Tyranitar would be completely outclassed.

Even with lower DPS than Rampardos, RW Rhyperior would have the second-highest DPS and highest TDO for its type. Rampardos is a glass cannon and may be too fragile against some legendaries. There may also be matchups where Rhyperior benefits from its Ground typing (think Zapdos). Last but not least, Cranidos is very rare compared to Rhyhorn.

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