Next FEH calendar?

We SHOULD be getting it tonight. I’m wondering what it’ll look like, because I’m hoping for a couple of banners, but I’m unsure what the future will hold. (Watch them release an exclusive FEH pass banner for only FEH pass users to summon on, because it’s already made such a fan/player outcry/rage… Why not add more to the dumpster fire!? I’m sorry, even though I actually do have the FEH pass, I’m a little upset that IS would do something like this, Even though Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has something similar, albeit, both subscriptions are cheaper. I was hoping it was 4.99 a month and that all international prices were consistent with the proper currency conversions, but I’m someone who doesn’t understand taxes, tariffs and politics that much.)

I’m hoping for a bonds banner, Spur Skills banner, Wrath banner (although it’s too early for one since Female Byleth was on Lif’s banner), or some type of special skills banner, although it’d be all reds. I feel like making a meme of “OOPS! All reds” as a parody of Cap’n Crunch’s OOPS! All Berries, but I’ll need a computer, so I’ll do it tomorrow.

What are you all hoping for on the Next FEH calendar?


IS is scummy, but not even they would create a Feh Pass exclusive banner


Gee, I wonder why

And on topic, I don’t really care what’s on the calendar. No Lysithea, no orb spending


She should be coming next month, my guess. Assuming the Lysithea sprite was a hint to that.
I’m just hoping Dorothea is in that banner.

I highly doubt they’d do a Feh Pass banner… IS loves their money and the FeH pass banner wouldn’t make them that much… unless they put the most highest quality fodder units in it


Probably. Hopefully I don’t have to break the bank to get her, I’d rather be able to fully merge her Brave version

Yeah, I get ya. I hope she’s great. Maybe she’ll be our first 3 range mage :fgo_buster:

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But Cav. Mages have 3 range

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They already did one, and Owain was on it. So even if they do another he probably won’t be on it.

If they did another I hope Axe Fighter is on it he’s so busted


I’m sorry, but why don’t we get along? (I always feel like you’re a bit of a party pooper/killjoy on here)

For this case thought it’s not entirely his fault IS tries not to do reruns of characters for the same skill banners unless theirs not to many units with said skill



I’m confused.

I’m actually scared they would do a pass only banner. I play casually Pokemon masters and there have been banners for paid gems only… I think on fgo is the same? I don’t play it so I may be wrong

I’m just stating facts here. He was already on a wrath banner. So he probably wouldn’t be on a new one. Maybe they’ll rerun the old one at some point, idk.

I’m not talking about the banner/Owain here, though. I’m talking about in general.

I just don’t think you’ve been that nice to me, in general

He said Owain probably wouldn’t be on another Wrath banner since he was already on one and theirs more than enough other Wrath units that could be on a new one over him… though Nephenee is a different case since she’s still the only Blue with it… but even she could be replaced now… a Wrath banner probably wouldn’t be for another few months if they did another one and I only say this because Osain and Shannan are still very new… and that banner will probably have them and F.Byleth

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Remember when Ike was on a distant counter banner? Good times.


That part I understand.

Better Ike than Ryoma tho