Next Gala

So next Gala…
Any bets on Gala Luca, or Gala Alex?
Or y’know, there is a pattern: Famous Character in the story, Story Team Member.

So Leif, one of the princes or Chelle.

Inb4 they give us a curveball and choose Notte.

Since the next Gala should be around the 1 year anniversary time, I think it should be a Gala Euden, since he’s the only main character with no alts yet.

No…about that…I think Gala Euden’s going to be the last Gala Adventurer. Just a feeling we can’t expect him anytime soon.

My guess for Leif is that he’ll be a story character, Poison Res, Light Sword…can’t tell about anything else…but Chelle, probably. Chelle, Leif (big maybe), or Luca.