Next Grail Project



So next week, my Valter will finally be finished <3
At first I thought the next unit to focus my grails on would be Lyon, but seeing that Sophia got a better version of his Naglfar before he got a refine led me to decide otherwise.
Rutger will be the next unit I dedicate my grails on! And I already have invested in him!
All he needs is Infantry Pulse 3 now, but I don’t want to promote a Marisa to fodder it, yet.
I plan on building an edgelord Meme Theme Team with Raven & Valter who I have on +10 starting next week.
What do you think?


Good job! If personally give him Luna and a Fury Desperation build, but great job. I’m trying to invest in him too. This is how my build will look when he is available for grails and plus 10:


Also a very nice build! On +10 I aim for this build, but oh well… haven’t gotten any Owains yet.


Nice build, yet again lol. Good luck on getting to that goal!


How the flipping fuck do you guys already have enough grails for a +10 merge?
We could get 3 units for free, that still takes 8 grail copies and 2200 grails in total.

I mean how? I never spend a single grail and apart from not being very active on AR, I usually take all I can get. And I’m setting on 1200 grails.

Am I missing something?


That’s just the planning, they made that pic using FEHbuilder page.


Yeah, these are just pictures from a unit builder, they’re not actually legit built in game.

It’s just a way to see what your planned build would look like.


Thank you guys, I see.

But Daemonjho said he’s almost finished with Valter. Why making him +9 in hero builder? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I really hope that they make us get more grails in the future, it sucks that we have to wait so long for high merges.


Some Grail units are able to be max merged due to how long they’ve been out and how many revivals they’ve had.

Valter, Zephiel, Masked Marth, and Narcian are a few.

And they could’ve used the Unit Builder because they don’t have all of the skills necessary to have the build they want.

Edit - Actually, I don’t think those were used in the unit builder, those might be actual pictures taken from in game.

Like previously stated, Valter is a unit that is able to be max merged, so some people will have a high merge count for him.

If it was something like a +9/10 Rutger, then yeah. That would be in the unit builder because that’s not actually possible at the moment.


He might have saved for Valter his day 1 grails. I’m not really sure that we have only 3 copies of every hero, I mean masked marth has around 8 copies before grail system, it might be the same.


Alright thanks, I knew of 8 possible copies of Masked Marth but was’nt aware that we could get more of Valter, Zephiel and Narcian.

It makes me wonder. Sometimes I think that I missed a somewhat beta phase of FEH or something like that. Cause people sometimes have 2 Star characters and I just can’t figure out where they got those apart from the few we got on start (Askr Trio, Virion and Mathew?)

Sorry for straying so far off-topic…


Earlier GHB units had multiple reruns, so more became available. The earliest ones also have a Normal difficulty for an additional copy.
Also every day a special map is run where you can get a copy of a 1 or 2 Star hero, such as Felicia, Wrys, and Gunter. They’re on a set schedule, but once you’ve cleared the map once and obtained them, you can’t get them again… I think most players sent these units home for a small number of feathers. I certainly did, with one exception: Olivia, who I built up because I couldn’t pull any dancers for the longest time.


Uff, something like this might have been the case. I just can’t remember xD It’s been so long.
Thank you guys for answering my questions.

@Topic and @Daemonjho Valter looks very strong. I maybe would change Aether for Bonfire since double brazen usually wants him to stay at low health and his defense enables him to pretty much wreck everything with “just” bonfire.


My Valter is already at +9 in the game. I dedicated almost all my grails into him and merged every copy I got from the GHB rerun’s :slight_smile:
He would already be +10 if I didn’t put some orbs into Aversa…


Bonfire really is better on him, but I usually use him in Arena, where Aether just scores better and or in TT+, where Aether let’s him live longer due to the multiple battles :D


Haha, yeah I see. I too run Aether on some units where other specials would run better just for arena score. And I’m too lazy to switch builds.

But nice to see so much dedication for a unit :D