Next Hall of Forms will be

Blazing or Binding Blade?

So far it’s been Valentia, Mystery, Genealogy, and Thracia. So I’m pretty sure given the timeline either Blade ought to be next.

So what units will we get? Roy, Lilina, Cecilia, and Fae perhaps? But wait, that’s two reds and two greens, why would they do that?

Well… Maybe the next legendary will be a blue Lilina? Wouldn’t that be great? Since Roy seems relegated to red and Fae just (sorta) got an alt, I’d wager to say Lilina is next up coming from Binding Blade.

But what if it comes from blazing blade? Do we really want ridiculously high investment versions of Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector? DUH. And I really can’t think of a 4th to round that crew out, so I guess we’ll see.

Just some musings in my corona fever dreams… Let me know what you all think.

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If Blazing: B! Lyn, L! or OG Eliwood, Ninian, Any Hector that isn’t Los Angeles

If Binding: L! Roy, Lilina, Cecilia, maybe Shanna


Roy, Lilina, Cecilia and Shanna.

So Roy and the 3 ones he can marry, if I’m not mistaken.

The OG versions of Lyn, Eliwood, Hector and Ninian if Blazing.


Definitely hoping for L! Roy


I can see them also releasing Resplendent Eliwood alongside that HoF. (Oooh boi. Imagine if they gave him Hel gear with that sick looking horse.)



Not the sick I was talking bout but sure, It would be neat to see R!Eli as a Knight of Pestilence…

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…little baby Roy… Can marry… Cecilia?


Yes he can
He can marry his teacher

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Byleth has some competition

So apparently Cecilia is in her early 20s and not late 30s or 40s like I had originally thought so it’s not as weird as it could have been

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