Next HoF: Fates

Blackfire is definitely not a bad breath on her… was running it on her myself until Surprise Breath came out

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My second F!F!Corrin will be + 5 with the forma :smiley:

I would never forma the forma copy in my +10 Corrin, because of the blue stars xD
Gold stars are better ^^"

No Summoner Support on your F!F!Corrin? :frowning:

Personally I like the Blue stars more… makes the units info page more unique

Well I can only have 5 SS at a time

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IS it’s time for Feh Pass +
10 Units with summoner support :smiley:

Really?! :smiley:
Good, that not all peoples have the same taste xD

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I like being unique reason I get annoyed when I get compared to others especially my siblings

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Female Corrin is my main unit this time and her kit looks quite good already:

Dragon’s Wrath and D/R Smoke would be nice to have for even more bonus damage :feh_ardenwoke:


Camilla is my target for this batch. Mine is +4 with a terrible build, so welcome.

Any advise to improve this build ? (A/S oath doesn’t show)

Heal is the draw back one. Pretty good with the B slot


That Menace is kinda eh for Camilla because her Prf already mass debuffs Def and Res and she has almost no use for the Res buff as she is a mostly offensive unit. If it’s any Menace, Atk/Spd would be the best one so she can inflict spectrum debuffs on at least one foe while also improving her own Atk and Spd more.

I would also consider Spd/Res Hold, a Recovery skill, or Inf. Spd Tactic.


Yeah, which is why I’m waiting for a unit with Atk/Spd Menace fodder to appear in my barracks, so I can finalize my own Camilla.

Spd/Res Hold would get it’s place if I get Female Byleth earlier though, but it’s something worth noting.


Got atk/spd oath 4 today, guess i’m done and i will forma this lady.
Still have inf. Spd. Tactic in my barrack for fodder, so no worry


I can’t find a good C skill for F!F!Corrin.
Between these two, which one is best for AR-O/SD-S?

  • Fatal Smoke 3
  • Canto Control 3

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Wait for Panic or Spd Smoke? Those are better skills.

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Nabbed Atk/Spd Oath 4 for Camilla today

I want to keep trying for Atk/Spd Catch 4, but if I can’t get it, I am more than fine with Atk/Spd Unity


I got Spd Smoke 4 on Female Corrin today.

I just need to get Atk/Spd Finish ; she has Distant Stance right now, so at least, it’s still a great compromise.


Damn, what were the odds of this.

Definitely keeping DW4 though. :catnoworries:

Edit : She’s ready.


Good job.

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Dragon Wrath literally does not exist for me just like Atk/Spd Unity for Spring Veronica


I actually put Spd/Res Bulwark on my M-Corrin and it was VERY useful for getting through the chambers, especially combined with Bracing Stance 3 and Serenity Breath. He made very good bait for the many ranged units

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Spd Smoke 4 and Panic Smoke 4 were my top choices for C slot. I ranked Spd > Panic.

Should I use my remaining torches to build up another unit like B!Camilla or try to get Spd Smoke 4?

I’ve never summoned B!Camilla so I have no idea how good she is post-refine.

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I don’t think Camilla is good enough as an unmerged one-off to justify a Soul. If you ever wind up pulling her randomly just dump some Dew on her staff and she’s basically good to go, as that is her main appeal (without any access to NFU aside from L-M-Byleth and F-Lilith or any offensive special she’s not useful as an offensive unit for PvP). I’m mainly Souling her because she is the only CYL unit I really like and I have gotten her to +3 through 4 Star Specials

As for Corrin; Panic Smoke 4 is really good IMO (it was a big help against Gotoh in the recent Abyssal) and it is technically scarcer terms of pure rarity as it is only on L-Veronica. But if your heart is set on Spd Smoke 4 it’s worth going for as the units with Spd Smoke 4 have other fodder you’d have to give up on to give it to Corrin