Next hunting quests in NA?

Does anyone know when are the next hunting quests in NA?

Approx in a year, it was in the end of May in JP.

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Thx. And do you know the best places to farm dragon fangs, red bones and shields? (I somehow lack the most basic things)

Guess you mean Proofs of Hero?
I’m camping in Charlotte, America, for them since the node also gives Void’s Dust.

Bones :fgo_jeannu: You either go Giant Bridge or Blazing Forest in Fuyuki for those. BUT the drops are abysmal, and bone hell is eternal for every player.

Don’t have experience with fang farming, but GP offers these:

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thank you!

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You and everyone else, so you’re not alone there. :rofl:

The bronze mats and some silver ones are the ones that we tend to need the most. Bones, dust, proofs, and feathers, just to name the most common I can think of.

If you think you have enough, think again. If you don’t need any, you will soon. :fgo_insane:


yeah this is really hell lol. Saberfaces ask for too many fangs I’m dying

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I have a small army of Seibas that need skill levels and now Saberlot is asking for some before I can ascend the bastard :fgo_dshy:

I only have 16 fangs, 16 proofs and 11 bones. At least my lv100 lalter’s skills are almost done (10/8/6) but when I tried to roll for NP2, Mordred spooked me so as a good master I have to take care of her now (please release me from this hell)

As usual those common materials are part of the lotteries we will get later this year.
Gilfest in September has Proofs and Dust while X-mas 2020 rewards Fangs and Bones.

If you need those materials in obscene numbers then those two events are your best bet.

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