Next Legendary Hero you would like to see


Honestly I hope we get a colorless Legendary Hero next, maybe a dagger unit. I think Volke would be a good choice, Legendary assassin Volke. What unit would you guys like to see next as a legendary hero?


Bow Alm. That is all.


Bow Alm, Master Knight Leif, Seliph.
Any protagonist without one that isn’t Chrom or Corrin


Anyone but Corrin since my orbs aren’t ready


I think a legendary staff L’Arachel with Latona (The Sacred Twin staff of Rausten). Would be a cool idea. She is a healer in her original game. I think it’s good even just as an alt for her.


Seth. But that’s not happening anytime soon.

More likely choices - Seliph or Sigurd.

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If the August Legendary Hero was Leif, he would release just in time for Thracia’s 20th anniversary


Because of straight outta Galia I’m thinking it’s Micaiah as a healer

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I would not mind that at all, we could always use a few more good healers. It could also be Mist, considering she was born in Gallia.


It depends on my orbs number… let’s see:
see 2 orbs
oh i hope is Alm then

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