Next merge project (poll)

Inevitable question of whom to merge up next.

My current 5*+10 roster consists of my very classic (read: boring) Arena core of Fae, Nowi, A. Tiki, and two whimsy projects, Saizo and Leon. Saizo and Leon are not quite done but only because I am waiting for more copies of them.

Who next? These are all units I have many copies of (or can get through grails) and have a vague interest in merging.

  • Masked Marth
  • Arvis
  • S. Ylgr
  • M. Robin
  • Catria
  • Cordelia
  • Tailtiu
  • Mae

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Easily Arvis, literally the coolest unit from those choices.
Back me up @Kroeger.

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Arvis would be a wise choice, I think. He can function as support and healing at the same time, while retaining some offensive prowess. He’d be a big help to any unit.

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For folks saying Catria, why is she good?

Catria is a very versatile unit.

She can run an offensive set really well, or you can

make her aan omni tank

Catria has incredible potential, albeit she only reaches her peak on a flier team.

*Good stat spread for merging; she appreciates every stat
*Ridiculously powerful refine. Essentially a 16 Might Brave Lance that gives her extra stats (provided she has two or more other fliers near her), has no Speed penalty, and has a Slaying effect
*Very flexible in builds. Can go offensive or defensive. A Catria on my friend list has DC, Iote’s Shield, and Guard.

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Arvis is the only unit here who can run multiples roles with (high) success, even if Catria and S!Ylgr are very versatile, none of them can be as versatile as Arvis.

With what you told us, you need other thing than pure damage/tank, and more prompt of being useful in any situation, and Arvis is exactly what you need. He is one of the best support in feh (for me).

Arvis is a unit who is meh with low merges and start shining at high merges. But even at low merges he can be : Quad ploy boi, combat healer (with his prf B slot and ardent sacrifice) moderate mage tank and moderate offensive powerhouse.
But at high merges with somes DF, he can become (with the same set) : combat healer, WTA breaker mage tank, offensive powerhouse And quad/tri ployboi. He is also very cheap to build (skill-wise)
Nones of your others choices can be as versatile as that, and with his ploy and combat healer, he can be a very powerful addition to your arena core.

On a side note, he work wonderful with saizo

What a high merges high df Arvis look like

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Just posting this here


Tailtiu because just look at this

That is a really sexy Tailtiu and is exactly why i want to build her tbh. I have her at +1 (with Atk/spd 3 not 4 sadly) and she is so devastating. Though I run glimmer not moonbow.

Sold on Arvis, I already love him at his current +1 merge and I hadn’t even thought about how well he synergizes with Saizo!


You won’t be disappointed. He is such an amazing unit in player hand.