Next Merge Project poll


Hey guys,
It’s been a while since I posted something here, as the game doesn’t catch me as much as it used to, but oh well, that’s not the topic of this thread.
I recently finished my Legault and Valter Merge Projects and have some Grails and Feathers to spend!
I can’t really decide who to +10 next, though.
Before you suggest Soleil or Ares, whom I will at some point +10 - I already have both at +8 but they don’t interest me all that much tbh.

Units I would like to +10 are Lyon, Rutger and perhaps Reyson.

My Lyon currently is +4 and has Candleabra+Def, CC, QR3/Null C-Disrupt, Drive Def 2. I really like Lyon and he is my favourite villain, if not character in general, but it bugs me that Sophia practically has a better version of his weapon and that they STILL haven’t given him a refine. Other than that, he is my favourite I think, as I already have some +8-10 swords, but not many mages.

Rutger became my favourite Sword unit and is currently on +2, I use him more often than my Zelgius or +10 Eirika (who I used to LOVE for her mixed bulk and DC). When the Grail system came out, I was sure that the next GHB/TT unit I would max out would be Joshua, but Rutger is even more fun! I use Barrier Blade+Res, DC, Wrath 3 and Even Spd Wave 3 on him and it works so fine with the mixed bulk. On the other hand, I do already have a +8 Soleil, +8 Ares and +10 Eirika…

Reyson is just a good singer with his Flyer mobility and potential 3 spavce movement. Nothing else to be said.

  • Lyon
  • Rutger
  • Reyson

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H E R E,

(Do Reyson. he’s amazing)


Okay, I didn’t really expect this lol but I will focus on Reyson then, I guess :)
Unfortunately, I only have one more copy atm so I will save some orbs for when there is a green focus unit I want to summon for to get more Reysons.
Then there are still my grails. I might hold on to them until Lyon is getting a refine or another free unit I really want gets released :D


In order, I’d go with Lyon, Reyson, Rutger.

Sounds like it’s pretty clear who you should merge in my opinion.