Next Resplendent hero is Nowi!

The outfit looks nice not gonna lie!

More info : Fire Emblem Heroes: Introducing Resplendent Heroes


As I said in the orb page, kinda tempted for her,

Will wait to see who follows her.


wish they did more with her outfit tbh.

its a step above her original outfit but uh, thats not saying much.

she’ll appreciate the extra stats at least since she’s a ball of stats anyways

now when will my ball of stats male corrin get a resplendent

or either corrin really


Yeah… It’s nice call back to her original artwork from Awakening. I think it looks fine, it’s not the best outfit obviously but I’ll take that over what Lucina got that’s for sure




“Hey, since we’re giving her a resplendent, do you think we should give Nowi more clothes? A lot of people complain about it due to the ongoing sexualization of minors as problematic and–”

“Lol no just do a Muspell palette swap and call it a day!”

I like the art. I like Nowi. I have a +10 Nowi.

But seriously, for the love of god, COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE HER SOME FUCKING CLOTHES!!!???


Gotta appeal to the childlovers, am I right?


Very nice, leagues better than Shanna, Serra or Ryoma’s. The special art is beautiful.


I love it. For me, they’ve done her perfectly. Same rough style but with a little more material, great Muspell theme but she looks well toned which makes her a little more mature rather than the puppy fat of her Halloween alt. They’ve a tendency to make female resplendents younger so I’m glad they went the right way. She could easily be a petit and slender young adult.

She was my first target for infantry dragonflowers when the limit again ran away from me. She’s at 13 DF and I’m debating if I put her up to 18 or use my flowers elsewhere. Now with the extra boost, it’s more tempting to push her even higher.


The art looks good but evidently the advanced technology of a shirt is something that Nowi has yet to master utilising.

But yeah it does look really nice :feh_flaynsmile:


…I mean, no?
(Yeah I know it was sarcasm)

Have to disagree with that, she still really looks like a child. Although, given anime in general you could have a point. I’ve seen college students drawn like children, so…

Wait actually that’s still a huge problem, never mind.


Can we NOT turn my post into that kind of debate? I’d rather have discussion over her viability with her new stats and if people plan to build her ot not.


Easy skip.

Waiting on F!Corrin, Selena, or Myrrh before I drop any money :triumph:


I mean ngl her art is nicely done, the attack and special art is really cool looking. Miles better than a couple of the most recent resplendents (mainly Ryoma comes to mind, also Shanna). But this kinda issue as been discussed before in the community with B!Sanaki, H!Nowi and a few others.
It’s kinda obvious IS (and Japan in general) don’t plan of changing their ways because of their fanbase.


Yeah you’re right. Sorry :pensive:


Finally a resplendent that is useful to me!
She really likes the boost on all of her stats, and she loves soaking shrines with her debuff cancel. Might consider giving her max flowers as well.

Artwise I’m distracted by those feathers(?) in her head. Don’t really understand/like them. Also I would like her to have a more menacing pose in that outfit rather than just stand up winking.

How do people build her in 2021? Below is mine. I also have DD4 on her and a full support set up with Sudden Panic and infantry pulse.

Edit: Also what are her best boons? I feel like she needs all of them :dizzy_face:


Nowi got one before F.Corrin… how lame


Tempted to buy Feh pass just to make my nowi stronger but I don’t even use her anymore. :catcry:


Well going by anime logic, theirs females that looks like they are only 10 but are actually anything from 18, 45, or even 3000 years old so Nowi looking like a child even tho she’s over 1000 years old wouldn’t be anything special

I like res to even out her defensive stats and turn her into one hell of a mixed tank

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