Next Resplendent is Sonya

I think the reason why it seems more like “powercreep” in this instance is because Merric is a 3* 4* and Sonya is 5*, while Delthea and Linde are both 5*. I don’t think it’s controversial to say Merric’s statline is not very amazing, so the extra resplendent stats helped him to compare with his main competition, Sonya. Now that she has one too, that extra boost is no longer as helpful relative to her (but like I said before, Merric can still be built to be tanky which can differentiate him). Oh, and let’s not forget that Merric wasn’t even that long ago (Merric->Amelia->Raven->Sonya).


Being a 5 star isn’t always better though. Being at lower rarities gives ease of merges and IVs compared to 5 stars. Shoutout to all the units on banners who don’t get prfs and don’t demote, they’re the real unfortunate ones here.


7 base Atk difference is a huge gap to try to make up if you’re just focusing on their special nuking niche. Sonya doesn’t even have resplendent stats at +0 merges and Merric only ties her atk. As said earlier though, focusing on Merric’s bulk is probably the best way to go, since most special spamming units don’t have that capability.


She looks really good. Now i’m wondering how she would look wearing Askr, Nilf, Hel or Ljolheifjddur clothes.
She may look good in white clothes.


Yo is it possible to buy just a single resplendent by itself?


Haha creative username I know.

Hello y’all, it’s been almost a whole 3 months since I’ve left for good and wanted to share my hype around here so I’ve made this account, I doubt I’ll return since I’m using [Tumblr] and I’m more comfortable with its usage (in case anyone wants to chat, instant messaging is possible there, otherwise [Twitter] is also an option), but whatever…

(Resume of a life update I guess)

I’ve been fine, although nothing exciting to talk about except for maybe having finished my vacations the past month and returning to Genshin Impact now that I can use my PC actively (I tried to get Ayaka but game with rock-bottom rates said “nope”).
In FEH, I got ~220 [Orbs] ready to roll for a Brigid copy just to collect and (hopefully) Hoshidan Summer Micaiah but I doubt since this is walking on red hell across two sesasonal banners. My Idoun is still +7, I didn’t plan to pull for her current rerun since I had hoped she’d start rerunning in weeklies next year but nope, I.S. decided to stop at the New Heroes banner in the month right before for whatever reason :unamused:, it’s fine tho, I need to pull a bit more often to get some fodder anyway, can’t keep saving forever for merges on favs. Finally, sparked for Nyx the other day, I adore the artwork and I was delighted with her debut and Orochi’s (currently +2).

As for a job, no luck yet… but in my studies I’m doing quite well and trying to keep up.

Anyway, back on topic:

Fixed, but in all seriousness, tysm for remembering me!

So… it was 5 a.m., I woke up and having completely forgotten about the next Resplendent Hero announcement, I first went to Arknights to do some grinding for my favorite character in the game.
Then, I found a rather interesting Telegram notification so I closed the game soon as I could, decided to open my inbox and…

{insert hype reaction picture here}

R E S P L E N D E N T · S O N Y A · O M G !

I woke up to a message from one of my friends notifying me from the announcement made today and since then I was unable to sleep because I was so hyped, I’d normally jump out of excitement and scream around the house but it was 5 a.m. and the people in my house were sleeping, but I was really happy and suddenly the “High Ptera” theme from Jurassic Park 2 for the SNES has been playing both in my mind and actually listening to it.
Anyway, yes, you bet but I’m really thrilled for getting her the well-deserved upgrade, a friend will help me get the subscription for this 25th as I don’t plan to build Raven, but I’m excitedly looking forward to this date, which, surprisingly enough, arrives 4 days before my birthday, talk about impeccable timing.
God, there are so many emojis now but still none for Sonya, SMH my head.

Anyway, here’s my Sonya, my eternal {area-of-effect} spam queen and best Valentia girl. :purple_heart:

I don’t think I’ll post an update in my own appreciation thread but if anyone wants to check it out, look for a thread titled:

“Let’s have some fun.” — +10/+15 Sonya showcase and appreciation thread by @af1899 :tornado:

Now, talking about the art itself, I love it, it’s a fresh take on Múspell clothing although quite revealing, but it compliments Sonya’s natural charms so nicely, the expressions and poses won’t go unnoticed either, although I agree with Nick in that some details don’t feel the same way as the OG art, namely body language, but PenekoR still made a wonderful artwork (not to mention the chest size has been properly taken into account) and it’s still a 10/10 for me, even though Múspell isn’t the thematic I’d have hoped for (Dökkálfar was my preference).
As for stats, she can actually use almost everything but DEF unless going almost all out for it (as you can see above, mine gets 22 DEF at full investment), but she’s still quite flexible to build, still, I’m sticking to the build I’ve always dreamt of.

Congratulations Sonya fans out there but special mentions to Nick and Soulja!
And sorry for the slightly lengthy post plus lack of mentions and pictures but “newbies” get a lot of wild limitations.
Anyway, that’s it for me, I’ll be around for a few hours at most before disappearing, in case I get a reply so I can answer questions.


Heya Af, glad to see you back even if it’s for a short time :fgo_jeannyes:

There was some Idunn art posted to the art the other day and I thought “I would’ve @ed Af if he was still here,” and yesterday I wondered if you finished Idunn since she’s currently on a banner. Shame she isn’t on the current weeklies, but hopefully you can finish her next time :feh_excidunn:


Yay, you’re back (even if it’s a short time)

Super happy that you saw this resplendent :feh_hridexcited:


Hey af! Miss you & your awesome posts here on GP! :catwave:


Never played around with her stats before but resplendent +10 seems like a damn good ohko machine for arena, just add 2 HP. (shut up, I know she scores like Garbo.)


R!Sonya is so good she can bring people back!

Glad you’ll be able to enjoy R!Sonya as well and quite an early birthday for you too! I’ll be seeing your work on Tumblr account.

I agree. Where is Sonya emote? GP users are slacking smh


I always crave for more. :fgo_badciv:

If you (or anyone else) have it, I’d be delighted to see it! I’m kind of lost after being absent for so long.

Also, it’s good to see you and the others too.

Valentia best girl can do miracles.

Also, congrats on the 69th post too.

Also, thanks to everyone who replied & read my comment, I appreciate it so much and it’s nice to see a warm welcome back after a long time of absence, I’ll continue with that plan for now but I’m feeling like someday I might be back.
Still, thank you!


We still don’t have the pain+ emote we all need

Also great to see you back Af.


Of course we’d remember you man, you were a pretty prominent user on here!



Welcome back! :)


So like was she wearing the tightest girdle in the world that’s a drastic waist change thank god it looks more natural


omg Sonya serving the 1950s corset realness :star_struck:


It could have just been the perspective of how she’s standing in her og

What’s the most surprising is tho is that in the Resplendent art her booba’s look smaller than her og art at least when it comes to the default art


I honestly can’t even get over how beautiful her resplendent looks tbh

Like actually


And thank God

Big and proportionate to your body >>> big and botched

Like I very much prefer an hour glass tiny waist figure but not if one boob is larger than her entire waist, she’s so pretty now :fgo_medealove: