Next year... Is the Real hell

So I’ve been taking a look at all the upcoming banners next year. Tested out quite a few of the servants on JP and have read reviews/looked at the design an power of some of the servants next year. Can I just ask. DW Why? I mean to be honest Next year Is absolutely jampacked with servants to throw your money(too broke for this) quartz at. From literally every support in the game making an appearance (waver,tama,merlin, you can count reines and bride IG) to some of the new LB servants(LB4s banner is so over the top stacked im not even sure anymore) like Ashwattama,Junao,Orion,Asclepius and Madrucardso(Europa is there but kinda blatantly outshined by everyone else cept maybe madricardo) to even some of the damned 2 stars. I know some of you already know who I’m Talking about(cough madlad Cheng Gong cough). And of course can’t forget the simply massive amount of loopers we gotta pick up(for those of us who care to use DCS)(S.Ishtar,Lolivinci,Musashi Zerk,Jarcher and melt summer to name a few). So I kinda gotta ask anyone got a plan for next year? Cause I know I sure as heck don’t


For me i’m fine.

I want Kiara, Asclepius, Rider Carmilla and Space Ishtar, that’s it.

Anything else is bonus.


Next year is rough for me in terms of staying on track despite having all supports up to this point covered.

Arjuna Alter is my only must NP5 target, but Space Ishtar will tempt me since she will be one of top two Castoria AoE generalists.

Not rolling for Reines and Astraea will be difficult, but a single copy of Reines would work for my future wants.

Kama is a want rather than a need, but she’s also the kind of Servant I’m prone to keep rolling until she hits NP5, so not rolling at all would make the most sense.

I made an entire thread about my plan, so I won’t rehash the rest.


Save for the clear mention of Nero Bride + Loli Da Vinci, my main goals are actually among those you haven’t mentioned: Illya and Miyu in the Prisma Codes Rerun and Astolfo Saber during Christmas.

Then again, it is the first time I’m rolling for more than a single SSR in an entire year, so I hope I can make it safely to each one of them with SQ to spare. My EX Rank Luck has to run out at some point… :fgo_casgilworry:


Next year Isn’t that bad. Just don’t have a bunch of targets, bro.


I have a plan that is just roll for what i like not for what i need nor what is good just for gameplay reasons

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I am full on the top supports, and while I do plan on trying to get USAshi for Castoria future-proofing, in practice my grailed NP2 Dantes should take care of most loopable content anyway.

Reines is also a low-priority, since she is pretty much a side-grade of Waver, and I only use that guy for the batteries anyway.

Orion is a Buster crit meme, but he doesn’t look that great for, well, not memeing with big over-kills.

Arjuna Alter is someone I will throw a few quartz at, but if he doesn’t show up, no biggie. I mean, sure, his kit is really strong, but it screams the need for NP2+, and I usually only do that on purpose for SSRs that I either really like (Eresh, Tesla, etc.), or ones whose meta-defining abilities depend on it (such as Dantes, or Zerkerlot).

Ashwatthama and Asclepius both look pretty great, but if I throw in some quartz for Arjunalter, there is a good chance one of them would drop, so I’m not sweating it.

Cheng Gong is an FP servant, so I don’t even know why you brought him up, as I’m pretty sure everyone is going to have him at NP5 in a matter of hours due to all the FP from lottos. If there is anything about him that needs preparation, it’s saving up two grails to get rid of his ugly bronze border.

As for the loopers, I will probably roll hard for Space Ishtar, and maybe throw in a few SQs for Lolivinchi, but the latter is not high priority.

So, to sum it up, my targets for next year are NP2+USAshi, NP2+ Space Ishtar, and… that’s about it. Anything else would be just a nice bonus, so no, for me, next year is going to be fairly easy-going.


Reines. Summer Melt. CARmilla. Throw a little at Nero Bride, just because.
A single copy of Miyu, for collection purposes. Maybe Prisma Illya because of her new costume, since I’m going to be rolling for the Magical Girl of Sapphire as well.
Beyond that? Don’t really have many plans.


sadface because nobody has mentioned Mama Nobu yet. :feh_elisad:

I’m going for Mama Nobu, Merlin, Space Ishtar. Rip my friend list, i’m only interested in extra class servants. :e7_ravisob:


Junao(Arjuna alter) can actually hit ST numbers at NP1… I should know he killed everything in lb5.1


With Arjuna Alter, it’s actually the opposite: his damage is so high that even NP1 will perform well provided he’s not faced with targets that can’t be debuffed.

Not that he’s a “need” for anyone with strong Quick and/or Arts options, but he is uniquely powerful and should perform very well in terms of damage even at lower NP levels when compared to his peers.


Top priorities for me (just aiming for NP1, nothing crazy): Hokusai, Beni, Kama, Arjuna Alter, Loli Vinci and Space Ishtar.

But probably I will also throw a few multis for Prisma Illya, Summer Musashi, Merlin, Reines, Melt, Nero Bride…

So yeah, a lot of rolling… :dolphin:


next year doesn’t have 3 servants, 2 with no proper future banners thus far, with np5 goals

so it’s a blessing, by comparison


I’m going to relax next year.
I’ve got most of what I need so I can roll for love… and save for 2022.

My only big targets are Murasaki and Asclepius but I might also roll for mUSAshi (she’s grown on me).
Aclepius is the main goal on the Yuga 2 banner but I won’t deny that I wouldn’t complain if the other two appears.

I’d like to get Reines but I’m honest enough that I wouldn’t use her enough to motivate the SQ expense.

Because I am willing to skip some servants, next year should actually have less rolling than this year did for me. But, I understand that there are plenty of good targets for others. So I wish all masters good luck in getting their targets! :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Nah, not even close

The real hell comes in 2022: Bone Daddy, Eresh, Ishtar, Musashi, ThiccVinci, Jalter, Bryn, Castertoria and, more importantly, Himiko


Thank god I can ignore them all except Castoria.

Two more copies of First Hassan would be fun to have because he’s a badass, but I think I can abstain.


I agree 2022 is really packed, just having Castoria close to Summer 5 already puts me into saving mode right at the start of the year.

2021 doesn’t have that many targets for me, there are some big targets like Kama and Melt but most of them have multiple rate ups.


Oh Summer Kiara…I kind of want her, but I have and prefer OG Kiara, so that might be a tough call.

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I prefer OG Kiara too but her summer version is incredibly fun to use and to farm with, that said i only used her during the event so i’m not sure how she is normally.

I would roll for her in any case though, i mean she’s Kiara.