Next year... Is the Real hell

I want a lot of servants, but I will just get CE’s. I have accepted my Fate.


There’s been a lot of these threads so I’m not going to go over who I’m rolling for again but I will say this: I’m grateful that everything I want and need are the same, with the possible exception of Astraea.

Also, I’m super excited for Police-Woman Kiara :fgo_kiarasmile:


I though the only Summer 5 Servant was BeatSaber Tomoe.


In 2022 i only have 3 main targets being Romulus, Castoria and Kiara Summer (with her having lowest priority).

Summer Kiara comes back in 2023 while i have no idea when Romulus or Castoria will be back. After Saber Wars II i’ll save everything for him (settle for NP1), go after Castoria and throw the leftovers at Kiara. If i do get her at NP2+ and still have quartz left somehow i’ll try Himiko but probably won’t get her.

I don’t really know which Servants I want in the future, but I plan on having fun rolling for a few. Nero Bride, maybe? Definitely Caster Artoria, I think, if only because I don’t have regular or Archer Artoria. But yeah, my plan is to just have fun (hopefully next year is better than this one). :fgo_bbsmile:


Next year is going to kill me…

My biggest target of all comes out Kama!

Similarly I have to try and get one copy of King Protea and Lancer Melt!!!

Another big one is Space Ishtar! Someone who can quick, arts, or buster meme is just too good to pass up!


And no it has nothing to do with the Kama-Chan memes about the two of them!!!

Okay maybe just a little…

I also really want Loli Vinci! She is a big target and I want to roll for her on the Shimosa banner to get Tomoe and Yagyu while I am at it!

Then there is Arjuna Alter. I absolutely love his final ascension and would love for him to be my first SSR AoE Berserker. That said, (almost) all my AoE SSRs are Buster. So I might also try for Summer Musashi as well.

I also plan to try for Miyu and Np5 Okada. If I get lucky I might have enough budget for Reines too. Anything left goes to NP2 Summer BB.


I’m also going for Nobuvenger next year


My only real target next year is Arjuna Alter, and even then mostly just because he’s hot. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few other utility pieces or fun gimmicks like Murasaki, Space Ishtar or Reines along the way but I don’t feel like I’ll be spread exceptionally thin.



Space Ishtar

Loli Vinci


…I’m seeing a pattern here…


I simultaneously really am and am not looking forward to next year.

And Astrea all back to back.
Then shortly after that is Nobu Avenger.

And I don’t even wanna think about summer next year.

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For my this will be easy at least to said

Kiara and Ruler Artoria
Caster Artoria and Kiara


On the contrary, first year that I don’t really want to roll much. Summer servants aren’t super interesting, and there is so many SR servants NP2-NP5 that I never use…

I only want Space Ishtar and Hokusai Saber, and the second one is a freebe, so… a well deserve break :slight_smile:

And we need to save in advance for 2022, cause Castoria seems so much better NP5 (unlike Skadi, with a NP1 or NP5 that doesn’t change anything in the support slot).

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Arjuna Alter and Merlin are my biggest targets, but I really don’t want to wait two years for Izou’s last two copies (and I wouldn’t mind more Okitan, either), so I’ll be rolling there as well. After those three, Skadi. There are a few other banners I know I’ll be tossing some tickets at, but I’m going to do my best not to spend quartz on anyone else.

  • Rolling NY banner for 5* CE

  • Kama

  • Asclepius

  • Musashi

  • CARmilla

  • Melt

  • SIshtar

  • Jane

Yeah my bank account isn’t safe next year


Hard rolling for Merlin, Space Ishtar, and Dantes. Unfortunately, all of those banners are close together so I can’t save between them.

Besides that, I may drop a few quartz into the Kama/Parvati banner and Arjuna Alter. I know he’s considered top tier, but his relative value is lessened cuz I have an NP2 Raikou. I mostly want Asclepius but I want complain about an extra SSR :)))

Oh also 1 multiroll for the Extra class banner in the class based summoning campaign cuz I want an avenger even if its just Salieri.

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If you want the CE for game play, I’d consider not rolling just for that. It’s still a second best option to Black Grail if not running an event CE, and a few other CEs can stand in for it if necessary.

I’m planning to roll on either Shishou’s or Gil’s rate up day to see if I get them along the way, but my main target is still going to be the CE.

Now if only Hokusai’s rate up came with next year’s CEs


the real hell would be saving a ton of quartz and failing to get desired servant… :fgo_insane:


Here is my plan for 2021:


  • New Year’s banner: rolling for my first and second copy of Scathach -> NP2 + 1~2 MLB Sign of Similing Face CE depending on how fast Scathach NP2 answers my call.
  • Prisma Causeway Re-install: main target is 1~2 MLB Azure Magical Girl CE (have 1 copy; would need 4~9 more copies) + Illya & Miyu (depending on their appearance and NP levels -> high chance of rolling for Miyu NP5 for collection reason just like Fujino and Illya NP2~NP5; also it seems like my bday will be in event’s duration so…possibly a bday present for me).


  • 14m DL Campaign: most likely be rolling for two copies of Nero Bride -> NP2 as she will be used as more of a support and also to match my Nero Caster NP2.


  • Las Vegas Official Bout: rolling for Musashi Berserker NP3~5.


  • Oniland rerun: high possibility of rolling to make my Sitonai NP3 to NP5 and increase NP levels of my Ibaraki Lancer NP1 as a bonus when the two are on rate-up.
  • Saber Wars II: rolling for Space Ishtar NP5; the finale of 2021.

In conclusion, Space Ishtar and Musashi Berserker are the two biggest main target in 2021. Of course, Scathach NP2 in January is a must and crucial as it will be the start of my Scathach NP5 long-term project which is planned to be completed in 2022 during her festival (decided to make this a long-term project in order to maximize the banner’s 5* CEs and since Scathach NP2 is okay to do her job in the mean time; I will be grailing her to level 100 right away when she comes home in January; grails are ready, the only question is… will there be enough QP…).


I want

  1. Spishtar x2
  2. Kama
  3. Junao
  4. Loli Vinci x2
  5. Murasaki x2
  6. Reines
  7. Orion
  8. Shishou
  9. Jalter
  10. MHX
  11. Okitan

Everyone else is a bonus :)

For others servants—Hot Wheels, Miyu, and I guess Luvia tho she can spook. CARmilla. Assclapius. Calamity Jane. Archer Osakabehime.