Nezha's Speech Pattern

I was just. Curious about Nezha’s. Unusual. Staccato. Speech pattern.

I read she was introduced in the Journey to the West event, but I wasn’t around then, so I feel like I am missing something. I can’t help but hear her voice in my head sounding like a caveman. Is there a reason for this affectation, or is it just weird for weirdness’ sake?

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Nothing in my studies of Ne Zha has a character in Chinese mythology would indicate this sort of pattern, though I could very well have missed something. It might be something that was poorly translated over from how her dialogue was written in Japanese.

It’s… odd. Maybe they were going for something that implied she has very poetic or succinct speech? I can’t say for sure. It’s grown on me then. If there were reversals of order here and there, she could also be FGO Yoda.

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In FGO she’s a construct. So maybe that’s why they wrote single word robotic like answer


Ahh, okay! That makes sense then. I didn’t realize she was a construct, as she didn’t seem to have any unusual attributes. Thanks!

She talks like that in JP too.

at least they didn’t mess this one up.

Is there meaning in her left eye being closed? I am afraid I am not well-versed in Taoist mythology.

I wouldn’t know, and a very cursory search doesn’t turn up anything particular about taoism or Nezha himself.
if I had to guess it’s just a standard pose. isn’t that the artist that traces models? maybe the model was doing that


Yeah, I tried Wikipedia and such, myself. I guess it’s just an artistic choice.

I don’t think he traces. I think he is just SUPER formulaic in how he draws.

he also got in trouble for tracing Parvati off like the third result for “sari” in image search.

I thought the Parvati thing was him tracing Boudica…who he also drew.

I still think he is just super formulaic. But even if he is tracing, he is tracing his own work which is lazy more than anything.

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I have. No idea. The reason. Behind. Speech pattern. Nezha. That I know. Is a boy. And acts normal. Though. Sanzang. A men too. Not lewd monk. This Nezha. I don’t mind. Sit in my lap. And pour me. Drinks. Light weight. I dont mind too.

If a book can be your waifu so can a bunch of lotus root


Weird speech pattern?

I only focused on her thighs.


This. People like to complain about how similar she is to Boudica/Parvati, but I’m focusing on what’s important.



The lotus root is so white

Not that I don’t appreciate her looks, but tbh, her mannerisms were what put her over-the-top for me when I first caught wind of her. Seriously, it’s freaking cute.

It’s a bit off-topic, but might as well ask this here.
Is Nezha a he or a she? In Salem’s story, Robin keeps calling…it a Prince Nezha, yet others say “she”. Which one is it?

CMIIW, The real legend is a he, but in FGO he was given a female body.

Typical nasuverse.