Nezha's Speech Pattern

King Arthur is female, what makes you think prince nezha is male?

Because proto Arthur exists. Oh, and there’s also the Astolfo-case. (Also, the sarcasm was noted).
But meh, details. Just jumping back and forth between she and he in the story made me go full Confucius-mode.

I mean, Arturia was genderbend in Fate’s version of Camelot but Da Vinci was a man during life but decided to become a woman when summoned. Not really clear where Nezha falls into.

Nezha was revived once in his original lore. Fate decided for their version that he should be genderbent during said revival (that also got turned into a sort of automaton/construct rather than a true revival like in the source material).

So Nezha is a being like Katou Danzo?

Katou. More robot. Talk like this. She does not. Nezha. Having speech issues. I wonder. The reason.


As an artist, just wanna say something to the artist “tracing” his own work. There are things called bases. Many of us have them. Basic templates for poses and busts.
Also look at programs like clip paint studio. It straight up has customizable 3D bases that you can pose! And then draw over them.
Anyone accusing an artist of tracing something that is their own work is simply jealous. Callout culture is absolute BS.

Was her speech in Jp also the same? I initially thought it might have been haiku or some type of poetry style, but it doesn’t seem that way.

It’s indeed the same in JP.

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