NFU Candidates

I got a dark Mareeta and a Hilda as pitybreaks from the fallen banner and I’m trying to find a good unit to offer up their NFU to.

Obviously the ideal candidate requires a solid amount of speed, and ultimate goal would be to put them against bold/vengeful armors. But I’m having trouble deciding who can fill that role well.

I don’t have Astram, Larcei or Regular Mareeta, and I currently have NFU on Adrift M!Corrin, Dark M!Corrin, L!Alm, Velouria, and Karla. So yeah, no greens and only one red so ideally I’d like one of those.

Any suggestions?

Edit: thanks all for the input. I wish you could choose 2 or more for the answer, cuz I decided to give both Echidna AND my best girl Kana NFU.

I genuinely never thought to give Kana a defense against armors, L!Celica, Bram, etc. And Echidna is also getting GF so it makes a lot of sense to guarantee she gets two hits in to proc it whether she’s using the fan or the hammer.

So yeah, thanks y’all.

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On a blue mage to kill caeda easily. On an archer too, fast archers tanya, fast blue mage, tailtu.
Does nullfollowup disrupts vantage or the unit receive the vantage attack from the unit its attacking.

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Give Flashing Blade 4 and NFU to Echidna with a Slaying Hammer (+Eff) and go to town on some armors


Anyone with armor effectiveness and speed is a good candidate too.

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Actually that is not a bad idea.

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Here’s what I use, and honestly its been great!

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NFU doesn’t negate attack priority. That’s the Hardy Bearing effect (HB seal, Hoshidan Summer dancer weapons, etc).


I don’t know what B slot you’re using on your F!Kana, you might be using Null C-Disrupt instead.

To have tested both, Null Follow-Up seemed a lot better to me, there’s very few unit that outspeed my +SPD F!Kana.
With it, she wins vs foes like Tibbarn that she’d otherwise lose against. It’s decent against Bramimond aswell.

Otherwise, for Arena/Arena Assault, it’s decent on any unit with Armorsmasher+ weapon.
I use NFU on my Olivia along with armorsmasher+ and it proved effective in arena.


I mean I did this


Also Galeforce set for Mjolnir


My Kana has DC/NCD and is +Def. I do wish she was either +Spd or +Res to balance it out a bit more, but she’s still my #1. NFU would serve her well though, she already handily deals with +10 Tibarn but the point about Bramimond makes a lot of sense…


I’ve been investing in Echidna and she’s at +7 +Atk atm, and already has SS3. Just gave her giant fan but that doesn’t mean I can’t also give her slaying hammer down the road.


Any unit you want that’s fast, but isn’t prone to one-shotting enemies (i.e. Hana with triple SS against Armors). Galeforcers appreciate it a lot due to it making it harder to shut down their sweep.

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What is your secret ? :feh_myrrhthink:

Hurting Tibarn first so he doesn’t get the follow up, and not throwing Kana in the fire of a goddamn 70 Atk birb without support lol


That’s inaccurate. :feh_annawink:

He gets a follow-up even if Tibarn is damaged.
He doesn’t get a follow-up if Tibarn’s target is damaged ~

F!Kana and Echidna are pretty good choices on green, but for a Red option I’d like to recommend Selena.

She has armor effectiveness in her preferred weapon, which is super nice for a NFU user. She’s really fast, so when foes have guaranteed follow ups, she’s almost guaranteed to win the speed tie. She’s got fantastic mixed bulk, which means not only can she handle the armors, but units like Tibarn, Fallen Julia, and Bramimond can’t one-shot her when she’s merged up either. I personally run DC, NFU, Speed Smoke, and Swift Stance seal with my Selena, and there is very little she can’t handle.

I haven’t built up Selena yet because she’s always been reposition fodder to me. But her almost always spectrum +4 along with NFU and armor effectiveness sounds great. I think she’ll be my next project after Echidna and Cherche are done


this was my thing. (Then it was pointed out to me that I am building Norne, which is also repo fodder so LOL) I think though everyone i wanna build pretty much has Repo at this point so really building Selena (and Barst as well) shouldn’t be an issue

i look forward to seeing your Selena

I personally like the idea of Athena having it.


This this this

Still waiting to boost stats and a Spd boon

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