Niantic rolling back all the advantages!

Have you noticed how Niantic is sneakily rolling back all the “advantages” they gave us during the Covid-19 pandemic?

It started with the incense. It’s totally overrated and useless now (except perhaps if you walk using one). I calculated that, being stationary, a pokémon now appears every 13 minutes using an incense. That’s about 4 per hour!

And it continued with the Community Day! We’re now back to a duration of only 3 hours for the event. From 14h00 to 17h00 local time. Why?

When the event was 6-hour long, at least we had the option to chose WHEN to play.

Now, we’re slaves to their imposed and restrictive time-table. What about if you’re busy between 14h00 and 17h00? What are our alternatives?

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Not playing that CD… and hoping that by december you have what you need to make what you want…

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Yep, we had a thread on this a while ago and reading the same conversations across the internet, pretty much nobody, bar trolls, thinks it is a good idea.

I must admit to not using incense much pre-covid, but I’ve certainly used it less since and I get that for players away from stops it’s vital.

The CD duration, I see as a much lesser issue than I did previously. CD pokemon are, most often, not the “must have” that they were. Spheal a notable exception but with Spheal being out for so long it would be (still unfairly, I admit) only new players who wouldn’t at least have a candidate and candy to evolve in those 5 hours.

It boils down, as ever, to niantic wanting pogo to be the popular game it was 3-4 years ago. Which it won’t ever be. But it’s still a monster (80m players monthly at present seems to be widely reported) and I think that the view we have is because those of us on here are in the minority as to how we play.

This is from a site (no idea about it’s veracity, but it does quote what appear to be proper studies elsewhere in the text) that shows it’s very much a casual/social game - ultimately the original mantra was “gotta catch them all” and it seems that’s still true today.

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I traveled yesterday and was able to catch only a single one. You know what? A relief. Fomo weighs heavily in internet games those days and we should try to overcome that.
And it holds true for any hours, btw: six hours might also not be enough for some people who e.g. work eight hours on Saturday…

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You sort of kind of more or less answered that already: they were COVID measures. That’s why. Problem is, the COVID measures for the most part should be the way things are just generally. It would seem that not enough people at N are on the grind like regular players are and they’ve got no perspective.

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There is one I noticed yesterday, but I’m not sure if it’s a roll-back of a Covid-related advantage or if it’s been this way the entire time.

The range on Special Lures.

I was in a place yesterday where I was in the “new” range for the Pokestop, so I could spin the stop regularly - so I tossed down a Mossy Lure. And… nothing spawned for 10 minutes. NOTHING. No Weather Boosted, no Random, no “Normal”, no Grass types to the lure, NOTHING. Luckily I was able to slip out for a few minutes at a time, and it wasn’t until I was standing within arms distance of the Pokestop that anything spawned. I had to go back inside, and out of the original pokestop range, and no more spawns. Go back out, into the original distance (the closer the better it seems) and finally spawns.

When the Mossy Lure was done, a Regular Lure got tossed down by one of the other parents, and it seemed like the same thing happened - though there were some other spawns, which may or may not have been the normal spawns resetting themselves.

So is this normal for Elemental Lures, that you have to be within the original Pokestop spin radius to get the spawns? Or is this something that got rolled back by Niantic? (Or did I just have bad luck or a weird glitch?)

They just never increased the distance that you can view lure spawns when they increased the spin distance. Nothing was rolled back, it was just something they never cared to update

You’re supposed to be within 80 meters to get/take advantage of the lures (or so I thought - the same distance as spin distance). But no doubt that, in time. Niantic will reduce this distance to 40 meters (as before) for the lures, if it hasn’t already been done…

You have 2 circles around your avatar in PoGo

The white circle (about 40m), and the bigger circle that is about 70m.

The white circle is for the interaction with stops and gyms, the bigger circle is for the spawns.

Now it is getting to your problem you should only be able to interact with the gyms inside the white circle but there is a bug in PoGo that makes people in the North having a bigger interaction area then that white circle. So you can interact with the stop (spin it) you can put lures in a stop but (this is where it gets to your problem) you only see the spawns form the lures if the stop is in your white circle (as it was intented to be).

Niantic is the kind of company that doesn’t think on the future when they introduced mechanics or features into the game, instead of make a plan for a new gimmick to be rentable at long term they usually simply improvise a solution to a problem the create for their lack of vision.

They probably saw that many business were making changes to stay relevant during the pandemic, and introduces changes themselves (basically to be able to say “player we care for you”). But as always when they gave use this advantages they didn’t thought about the consequences of taking them out. Remember that this problem is not about how profitable the changes are for Niantic, is about how they want you to play the game (I theorize is like part of they philosophy).

With time they will take away every perk they included during the pandemic (except the remote pass for obvious reasons, although they probably will nerf it), even the gym increase distance, the uprising on media that force them to let the increase distance to stay that happen some months ago isn’t something permanent, at same point I am pretty sure they would try to roll it back again and probably will success.

Well, I for once stopped playing during community days.

Don’t care about them being 3 hours but I hate the fact that they change the hours to 14:00-17:00

It will need to be a relevant meta pokemon for PVE to make me change this now. If I happen to be about and my gotcha gets the shiny great, else I will just don’t care.

I live 10 meters from a pokéstop and I can assure that the current spawn rate with incense and lures now sucks…

It’s definitely NOT how it used to be.