Nickoftime80 appreciates Sophia Nabata Priestess

Hey everyone!
Well it’s finally here. I’ve wanting to talk about Sophia for some time and now is time.
Thanks for coming and let’s get started!

:warning: Lots of pictures incoming! :warning:

My Journey with Sophia in FE6

Back in the wonderful world of Elibe, I first met Sophia in FE7 in the penultimate chapter, Victory of Death. For those who don’t know, Sophia made a cameo in the Southeast temple.


Nothing amazing really happens; Sophia surprises anyone who come in the temple because she’s looking for the Archsage Athos and she gives them a Talisman, encourages them to fight the future and mysteriously vanishes. Although three memorable moments occur here; If Jaffar enters the ruins, not only is he surprised by Sophia, but he actually talks imore than three words with her. :feh_jaffarstare: With Hawkeye, he recognizes her and tells her to tell his daughter Igrene that he’ll be back after this. And of course, who can forget Serra’s iconic screaming at Sophia as Sophia just keeps on talking normally until she’s given the Talisman. Classic. :scream:

Check the video here

I didn’t play FE6 at the time so Sophia’s cameo went over my head. After playing FE6, I enjoyed this little cameo of hers and the mention of little Igrene. I was mostly too caught in the chapter to really examine Sophia but that would change after I beat FE7 and moved to FE6.

I truly met Sophia back in FE6. She was captured by Bern forces along with Cecilla who was defeated by Zephiel. Luckily Sophia used her powers to heal her until Roy and his army took back the castle and saved them.

Back then I didn’t realize I had such a big appreciation to purple haired girls but for Sophia it did make her stand out a lot from the cast.

Kinda odd these two never had support with each other considering how they met

She was a dark mage but her mannerisms and appearance were different than any other dark mages we’ve seen before. Like before Sophia, Raigh was very outwardly snide, selfish and cold with a harsh look in eyes and the enemy dark mages we’ve seen before were looked and acted evil.

But Sophia? She’s kind, shy, gentle and soft-spoken with an air of mystery shrouding her. It was refreshing to see this character on a dark mage. It was the same way I felt about Canas back in FE7

…who also has purple hair…Huh. That proves all purple haired people are amazing…

Her personality got better through supports. Like Ninian, she was a human-dragon hybrid but she has the power to see in the future though not clearly. I could relate to her shyness and difficulty to open to others since I had (and sometimes do) this social problem. Despite her shyness, she always wants to help others like Roy who she wants to protect him from danger despite her unreliable future vision. While being a half Manakete has made living normally next to impossible, she is proud of who she is and is determined to live her life as she wants as seen in her supports with Niime.

Her supports with Igrene and Fae always had this sibling vibes to me. While Sophia was clearly older, she lacked any outside experience so Igrene was like an older sister to her. She taught Sophia things of the world and allowed her to talk with others even though they both were forbid to talk to outsiders. Their shared desire to have humans and dragons co-exist outside Acardia always keep them close. When Fae realized she that being a Manakete meant she would outlive Sophia and was sad, Sophia comforted her and promised her that she’ll be with her always.

Sophia Igrene Fae by サモ 1

Her support with Raigh is one of my favorites. Even though Raigh acts cold and standoffish to her at first, Sophia is able to see the good in him and why he wants to study dark magic. She gives him her valuable legendary dark magic book and later tells him why she did it. Her kindness caused Raigh 's kindness to come through and he befriend her.

Sophia and Raigh by とみ 1)

Needless to say, I was excited to play as Sophia. Around that time, I’ve heard people say Sophia was a bad unit along with Gwendolyn (and Wade, Ogier and Trec, a lot of my FE6 favorites are seen as bad :feh_nobulli: ) and that Raigh was better than her. I didn’t care. I didn’t like Raigh as much as Sophia and I was determined to use her.





This didn’t change my mind but man I knew training her was going to be rough… Where to begin?

Sophia’s low skill + Dark magic’s low accuracy means she could miss her weakened targets so I had to make sure I could finish the enemy in case, she got doubled by everything because dark magic weighed more than an anvil, Sophia had the physical durability of a sheet of ice, IT WAS A FOG OF WAR MAP SO ENEMIES COULD SURPRISE KICK YOU AT ANY MOMENT, THERE WERE BANDITS REINFORCEMENTS BEHIND YOU, YOU NEEDED TO GET SOPHIA SAFELY TO THE START OF THE MAP TO GET THE GUIDING RING AND THIS MAP HAD A 28 TURN TIME LIMIT WHERE HALF YOUR TEAM GETS SLOWED BY THE ROUGH AND COARSE SAND THAT GETS EVERYWHERE!!! :fgo_badciv:

But I persevered. Sophia gained steady levels and I babied her until slowly but surely she began to become a competent fighter. I gave her all my Seraph Robes, Secret Books, Speedwings, Dracoshields, Goddess Icons and Body Rings since she had high magic and resistance and decent to bad everything else. By Chapter 16, she could handle herself well against mages and non-speedy foes. My efforts bore fruit when she was promoted to Druid. She could handle herself well in combat and I just felt so proud how she became.

Admittedly compared to Gwendolyn, she wasn’t as OP in the end but I liked her so much and was just happy she became a solid mage tank. I guess Sophia was one of my first instances of me using my favorites over the strong ones no matter how difficult the struggle.


This mindset carried over with me in FEH as well.

Sophia through my time with FEH

I guess we should talk about her art.

Sophia’s original artist Zaza did a faithful take for her original FEH alt. I didn’t mind the long neck people were memeing on her for because her neck was long in her FE6 portrait and Zaza’s art is very similar to it. They even added more detail to her attire.

I’ve seen some of Zaza’s work and well FEH Sophia’s face is rather basic compared to their other work.

I think it is fine portrait and considering Zaza made Emmeryn as their latest FEH artwork and they have done so impressive work on other projects, I’ll say that if they would’ve done a better job if they re-drew her again today.

Miwabe Sakura did a fantastic job with her resplendent alt. It just captures her gentleness and mysterious aura so well and the color scheme with the feathers makes her look a proper dark mage until you see her shy face.

It’s easily my favorite look for her. This is the same artist who made FEH Lachesis so this is quite an improvement.

Pat 112

Her FEH iteration is much better than her FE6 iteration. She had a defense stat for starters and a really good one at that. Basically, they dumped her speed and gave her solid everything else to make her a mixed tank.

I expressed interested in building Sophia but I lacked a lot of resources to make her work at the time. Around the time of her Eternal Tome refine, I began to slowly but surely get to work on her. She started off with a basic Mirror Stance 2 + Quick Riposte 3 b slot build and grew more as I endured red hell free summons until she was +9. Along the way, Mirror Stance 3 came from Osian and Null C-Disrupt was from F!Lyon (I like Lyon but I’m not fan of his fallen look. Mainly because I hate seeing Lyon suffer).

So why did I leave her +9 for months? I wanted her resplendent form that I forgot to buy when Resplendent Eliwood came out so I figured I’ll wait until there is a resplendent I like so I purchase her. Lo and behold, Resplendent Lilina, who was also +9 waiting for her attire, was announced and both of them got to +10 on the same day!

and here she is!

She’s my AR-Astra tank with Null C-Disrupt thanks to the rise of Thrasir, cavlines and Firesweep/dazzle weapons. With Distant Guard 6 support from Rinea, she could handle all but those pesky blues mages thanks to her bulk. She even handles Leif, Claude,and Cecila in the Arena Assault matches very well.

Her refine is still all right even today. Lately, she’s a bit powercreep by Lyon whose refine is better than her though I wish he had the auto-double. I’m not too upset. Sophia has powercreep him ever since she got her refine so he gets something decent to make him stand. He deserves.

Sophia’s refine still works. I use her as an enemy phase unit and she’s still solid up to this day. She’s also my main unit for Quick Riposte 3. It’s pratically hers now.

She swaps between Lull and Null depending on the mode but it works so well for her. I’ve thinking close Foil/Atk/Res solo 4 and Joint Drive Atk (or Def)/Pulse Smoke 3 would be good for her in the future and maybe another unique tome like Amity Blooms (from a Non-Henriette source) but for now, she’s strong the way she is.

She didn’t take nearly enough effort to build up but I’m still happy how she turned out.

Beware you OP green and colorless units. She may look cute but Sophia shows no mercy


Once again, I thank you for reading it through my long aprpreciation for the Nabatian Priestess.

I was struggling a bit to word myself but I’m glad how it turned out.

Sophia makes my 22nd +10 unit and she gets the slighly less purple heart 8 just like the others.

She’s finished after Seliph. I’ll get him to someday once I fully finish FE4. I like him as a character and unit but I really want to do him justice before I start him.


For those who wanted to be @ thank you again for supporting my work, It means a lot! :purple_heart:


So my next appreciation post will be either Lilina or Maribelle if I can +10 Maribelle by Sunday. Or maybe make an appreciation post on one of the older ones I +10 like Raven or Gwendolyn. You can ask me.

I’m going to try what my good friend @af1899 does and make a subscribation tag. I’ll just have to set it up.

If you have any stories or builds for Sophia, let me know in threads!

Take care and have a good day!


Why is Sophia is the only resplendent without an alt?

Come on IS. it’s bad enough Sonya and Ayra don’t have alts but Sophia has a resplendent with no alt?

Possiblilies are endless!

Summer Sophia

Soiree Sophia

Maid Sophia. Come on a maid/bulter banner would be popular

New Year’s Sophia

And here for the money

Summer Sophia and Igrene Duo Hero

Idunn and Sophia Duo Hero too

Harmonized Julia and Sophia

Or at very least make a 3 to 4 star seasonal demote or grail unit so I can easily +10 her… :point_right::point_left:


Wow, this looks amazing and so does your Sophia!

Really, congratulations on her, she looks amazing. I don’t know much about Sophia but it’s always so amazing seeing people put this much thought and care into their favorites

Also, Sophia alt would be very nice :feh_flaynfire:

Thanks for the @ Nick and I’m glad I’m able to support you too :feh_marismile:


i’m glad you got her done :slight_smile:

i was always going to +10 her but her resplendent made it so easy. Interesting that you went with mirror stance 3, etc, I was going to do bracing stance 3 just to be mean but honestly i am more content with her with close counter. it comes in more handy for me. (same w/me not giving her null disrupt though she’d totally benefit from it)

its always nice to see projects done



I love Sophia as well, and always use her over Raigh (not like you have many choices for Apocalypse, and I’m sure as hell not going to use Niime). I completely forgot about her cameo in FE7; maybe it’s time I replay that game… :feh_maethink:

Just built her recently in FEH for my second NCD unit, and she is doing great work in AR.


And thank you again for giving me your time. It means a lot to me! :+1:

Thanks a lot.

Her resplendent was a blessing in both art and merge projects.

In AR-Anima since she is blessed by Naga for +5 Defense so Mirror Stance 3 came in handy against Thrasir and those pesky two turn specials since she’ll likely being taking two hits in EP.

I understand. Always give your units what works best for you.

Close counter would be great for mines but I’d miss the extra bulk + guard. Maybe if I get Flayn, I could pull it off.


I like Raigh and Niime as units and characters but Sophia has a special place in my heart.

Glad you’re enjoying yours and I hope she continues to do well.


I like them both as characters too, Niime especially is very interesting, but as a unit just not really at all.


Nice, congrats on finishing her :feh_sophiadeletethis: :fgo_ereshwoah:

And you can sign me up for these threads, I’d love to read them when you make them :fgo_ereshwoah:


honestly - mine hasn’t needed it at all.

I do run mine in Light so she gets Mila/Peony (sometimes Eir depending on the team). but i’ve had her running Close Counter since i +10’ed her.

like she has CC, Guard 2 (because i am chap and refuse to promote someone just for guard 3 LOL) atk smoke and then QR. it allows her to duel with Corrins and other dragons (in AA as well) and honestly, i’d probably just remove guard to give her null disrupt so she can handle colourless options more often

to be fair i know most people are all about “Omni tanking” but i have been/always will be mix phase. sometimes it’s fun when she’s a wall (which i’ve done) but yah. i’ve got stances here but never yet still went. “gee, she needs it.” but again it depends on how you play. :slight_smile:


This is exactly the build I want to run on her once I get some more NCD fodder

Maybe Joint Drive Def in her C slot instead of a smoke, since smokes kinda don’t work against cavlines on T1


Man, this was a delightful read, very very good, this post is a must bookmark for me because Sophia is one of the best girls in the game Imo, you pretty much expressed thoroughly why I like her so much so I can’t really add anything.
The ideas on that extra section be looking pretty scary for my [Orb] stash, specially the sixth one but first and last are impeccable runner-ups. :feh_desperation:

And we appreciate Sophia in this house. :feh_sophiadeletethis:

[Arena] abuse ftw.

And in FEH, I haven’t used her recently, sadly, because there’s so much fodder I would love to give her but don’t have… plus a lot of infantry projects to give [Dragonflowers (I)] to, and don’t have enough to buy her Resplendent skin, but she becomes an amazing and easy to get colorless checker, her refine is alright but could be better I feel.

But she’ll get there. :feh_ceciliaculture:
I’ve often had a chance to watch yours grow stronger under your care, seeing her finished makes me really happy, she looks so strong and was well nurtured, congratulations on your 22nd +10! And I look forward to Maribelle’s thread.

I found out I had a “summer” Sophia fan #art (not the one I shared in the #art thread the other day) so I’ll finish my little appreciation and congratulation post here:





And I’m thinking to do what @af1899 by making a tag like #nickoftime80-appreciates and put the Watching First Post.

I seem to be unable to add this tag on the older ones so I might be missing something.

Regardless, thanks for your support.

Good luck getting said fodder for her.

I found Distant Guard 6 support from Rinea (or anyone with Silver Goblet) along with mythic defenses blessings work very for her. Only smoke that works for her is Pulse smoke but yeah Joint Drive is better.

Same. All we can do hope IS will rain free orbs for us when they become a possibility :fgo_casgilworry:

Wonderful FE6 Sophia. :feh_faewow:

I lost my FE6 file quite some time ago so I couldn’t how she matured but it was always worth the struggle to get her there.

Thanks for reading and more Sophia content!


This is what she runs now

I would give her Mystic Boost, but that’s on her teammate Micaiah.

Works fine for most cavlines. I find that, towards the end, I wish I had more offense or mobility, so I might swap the seal to Atk/Def form and give her smite.


Thanks so much! Oh btw, I forgot to mention that I appreciate the @s and will put your tag in watching so I can be notified when you make more of those fantastic threads.
And it’s a pleasure to talk about one of our favs too. :purple_heart:

Do you mind if I revive this thread in the future? Rather than making a new one, I think this one will deserve to be remembered, but I’d come back with a more invested Sophia to showcase and contribute.

Also, I just remembered that you can add the tag to the older ones if you edit from the pencil in the OP and not next to the title.


Sure you can.

Plus who knows if Sophia will get an alt down the line so we can talk about her so more. :pray:

I was trying that but after I pressed the check button, it didn’t reset. I’ll try it again and see what I did wrong.


Also with regards to her bio, Ninian also has a bit of future sight. It’s not as clear as Sophia’s event wise, but she and Nils can sense danger.

I wonder if this some sort of ability half-dragons get? :feh_maethink:


That’s right.

I guess half-Manaketes get their version of the spider sense.

Or maybe Dragons are more sensitive to these things than humans…


Congrats, fellow Sophia-enthusiast!


I have a story for u.

Its a slash fic


It goes:

Nikky and soren sittin in a tree…


pretty sofia btw


Sophia is an interesting case…
Too bad, she enters FE6 in the worst case scenario!

Congrats on +10 her, Nick! :partying_face:
Stay safe! :blush:



Nino is just as hard to train in 7, but at least she has skill and speed.