NickofTime80's Quest for +10 Spring Sonya and other things!

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night/Void to you all!

Some of you know me as the Sonya/Purple haired people fanatic here and you know why I’m here.

But for those who don’t know or need a refresher, here you go.

Back in September 2019 when weekly revival banners were new and unknown if they were getting a rerun, I was able to +10 my favorite FE character alongside my friend af1899 on day one. I saved a bunch of F2P for months ever since IS made the schedule and Sonya went from +2 to +10 in a day. It was a satisfying moment for both of us.

After that, I decided I’d save up my present list orbs for Sonya’s alt because I have so many faves that it is impossible for to save for a single person and keeping it in present list prevents from spending orbs unnecessary. Plus I feel it would make it more worthwhile to have saved so many F2P orbs to finish my favorite mage again.

Every seasonal trailer I waited for her debut and saved up all my login orbs for her debut (mainly summer and Halloween and even fallen banner last year). I manually counted every orb total every week and watched my count grow from 500 to 1000 to 1500 orbs waiting in anticipation.

And then March 5th 2022, it finally happened.

Kermit excited
Pretty much me on that day.

I figured she would’ve gotten an alt someday but as a 3 to 4 star demote or random 5 star with how IS was handling things. (or a cheerleader in a duo. That keep me up at nights :feh_lynsomnia: ) So seeing her as a leading Harmonic hero paired with Tharja whose acting like her Awakening self was so amazing for me!

Everything was lining up this month. My birthday last week Friday, the three banners I planned on this month and seasonal Sonya at last.


So all those present list orbs I’ve been saving will be released for the bunny queen. All 1594 of them.

Crudely made collection of all 1594 of my present list orbs

One side note. I wish IS implemented a feature where you could count all your present list stuff in one go like this so it would be easier to count it all.

My plan was to just go up to the spark on the first day and gradually pull every day but I was too excited to do that (and I didn’t have the FEH Pass atm) so I decided to use all my orbs to +10 Spring Sonya on day one.

Without further ado, let’s hop to the results of my labor on Hop and Go seek banner!

The quest for a +10 Spring Sonya

I had a morning summoning session and an afternoon summoning session where both of these sessions taking a little more than an hour to finish. Both sessions combine were about 2 hours and 30 minutes of summoning.

I was mainly focusing on the green orbs. I’d keep summoning blue orbs until I gotten Spr!Delthea then just double down on all green.

Instead of pulling all my present orbs, I’d take a portion of them and keep summoning until I reached below 15 orbs and pull another portion. Idk why I did that. I guess I thought it would be fun and help relieve any stress? I think it did.

So how did that go?

So with 574 visible orbs I had, I took the 145 orbs and began.

Session 1


Oh man! Talk about an amazing start!!! Anyways, here’s the rest of the pulls I gotten.

Session 1 and I already have 6 copies of Spring Sonya. It only took me 645 orbs so far!

On to Session 2!

And Spring Maria jumpscares by showing up in a row. :feh_birbscare:

Also, FINALLY she showed up! I was going out my way on the blue stones too and she just refuesed to show up.

Man that’s a lot of pitybreakers and 4 star special units. Some of them even repeating.The gap between my 9th Sonya and 10th Sonya made so jaded. Would I have to suffer another endless 3 star spam and pitybreakers until her or Maria shows up?

It seems so but…


The results and statistics

I pulled 53 5 stars!!! That’s like the most 5 stars on a single banner I gotten in my life!!!

  • 20 of them of the focus units which I got all of them
  • 16 of them were the 4 star special focus
  • 17 were off focus pitybreakers.

This is amazing.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! 11 copies of Valentian bunny queen gotten to +10 her at last!!! She even showed as a FREE SUMMON WITH THE PERFECT IV SPREAD! Sonya and Tharja really did hear my desperate pleas.

And as for Spring Maria;

I honestly expected to have +10 Spring Maria before Sonya but lucky for me Sonya keep showing up more frequently. I didn’t mind getting Spring Marias though.

Spring Delthea was super elusive though. It took so much blue orbs to summon that I went out of my way to pull and some many pitybreakers kept taking her spot. Maybe because I had both Luthiers in my barracks that she was avoiding me? :feh_luthink: :feh_deltheano: But she finally came home at last.

This is the first time in my FEH life where colorsharing really benefited me in the long run. Without Spring Maria, I doubt I’d get this much good stuff.

My overall summoning session was overall amazing. The 1st session was exciting with 6 Sonyas in 26 5 star summons while the 2nd was a bit worrying at first with all the Spring Marias and random pitybreakers overtaking it combined with the numerous amounts of 3 stars and repeats but the final copy of Spring Sonya came so quickly to relieve any stress. While I was frustrated with the lack of Spring Sonya in the gap, most if not all of the pitybreakers were amazing and the amount of 4 star special units were pretty good too. And I got all those Spring Sonyas without needing the spark for my pathetic pride. In the end, I left the banner satisfied.

So how much did this cost in the long run? My entire stash? My bank account?

It took me 1599 orbs to +10 Spring Sonya which is 5 orbs over my present list count. I had 576 visible orbs for a total of 2173 orbs and it took me about 74% of it all to do it.

It’s nothing short in being really lucky that I did it under the 50 percentile.

I can’t believe it but it it here at last. My dream has become a reality. My present list orbs was just barely enough to +10 Sonya’s alt!

Fruits of my labor
  • Lotsa merges now.

(Forsyth too. Kept the +Atk one and merged the other into him)

Lotsa good fodder too.

  • Hector (I may merge depending on how much I need DC)
  • Kjelle (for AR-D Def/Res 3)
  • F!Lyon (Keep until I need Null C-Disrupt or his refine is good)
  • B!Lucina ( Mines doesn’t need merges to do her job so Aether for someone)
  • Surtr (Won’t leave me alone but I’ll probably merge the +Atk since I no longer need Steady Stance 4)
  • A!F!Corrin (Also won’t leave me alone. I’d prefer using F!Kana and Myrrh instead. Rally Atk/Spd+ is good)
  • Absel (Foddered one and will hold on to the other for now)
  • B!Claude (Wait for his refine)
  • V!Henry (Fodder for now but unsure to who)
  • Gerik (Shows up a lot for me. I’ll try to keep him but I tend to need Sudden Panic and Infantry Pulse)
  • Dieck (Him too. I already have +spd so I can fodder this one for NFU)
  • F!Morgan (With H!Sophia, F!Morgan is a bit redundant to me but I’ll keep her for now)
  • Sirius (Good fodder to Sigurd or Python)


  • Getting A!Idunn after her banner is amazing. Definitely keeping her as she’s an amazing Near Save tank and because she’s happy Idunn. Which IVs should I ascend? Her def maybe? @af1899 what do you think?

  • Same with Nagi too. I wanted her the Heroes with Sol and I just got her like that. I plan on giving her Far Save and Dragon Wall.

  • Holding on the OG Edelgard until her refine. Though my love for axe units is still strong and I do like Edel so she’s likely going to merged up soon.

  • I might not use B!Eirika in PvP much but she’s still great to have for PvE and testing how strong my tanks can handle an unmerged one in AR-D. With her, I have officially gotten all CYL5 units earlier than most of the other CYL.

  • Deidre got her resplendent along with her son and she’s +1. Nice to have both Sigurd and Deirdre in my barracks again. I’ll build up with her refine in mind.

  • I decided to keep the +spd one and I’ll merge the rest later. She is fun to use and extremely powerful to the point of absurdity. I think she’s the sleeper hit of the banner. I do want to merge her as much as I can and maybe finish later if I have the time but I’m debating if I should give my new Jill Flow Flight. Jill is a bit weaker but she’d make good use of it. Maybe I should wait until Flow Flight is in the normal pool instead or it Wyvern Flight better for Jill?

Regardless, I’m keeping Spring Maria and I’m going to make her stronger. This little red head is making her older siblings proud. :feh_michalisyeee:

On the 3 to 4 star stuff,

  • I managed to all the green 3 to 4 stars at least twice. From Merric to Cath. ALL OF THEM. Including Vyland and Basilio would showed up 8 to 9 times overall. Vyland always vexs me since he blocks me from getting my Lex. And even when I did get my Lex copies, neither of them were +Atk.

  • As for Lex, I will until the AHR banner to see if I can get my final +Atk copy. Assuming Vyland doesn’t vex me as much as he did here. :catrude:

  • I was also able to get Cath like nine times and a good IV for her too. I do plan on building her so it’s nice she came in bulk.

  • I’m two more copies away from making Orochi +10. Same with Luthier too. Ilyana’s copies are done too. I just need more feathers.

But most importantly,

I was able to +10 Sonya’s long awaited alt at last!!!

Sonya is not only my first 5 star +10 back in September 2019 but she’s also my first +10 Harmonic Hero in 2022!!! All those months of hard saving and dedication truly paid off and I’m super happy it did.

Thanks to the Orb Lounge thread and people with helping me stay dedicated to my goal!

But wait! There’s more!!!

Nott & More to be specifically

Nott and More banner has arrived with V!Palla this week and I still have 574 orbs left over.

I’m even more happier Sonya’s alt came this month not only for my birthday but I have three more banners I planned to summon on this month and since I used up most of my present list orbs, I might as well as claim and use them all for this month.

V!Palla has also been a wanted unit for me ever since her debut but I had to choose Nott for the spark for AR-D. I don’t regret pulling Nott but I’ve always wanted V!Palla since she’s one of my favorite and all but one her versions until today.

I started with 603 orbs and my goal was to spark for V!Palla and one more copy of her and either Nott or Zeke under 200 orbs.

After I manifested big sister energy with Minerva, I began.

The haul.

I was rather bitter with this summon because I was still upset from the 3 star green spam + off focus spam of the last banner and it showed up here. But this was another amazing summon for me!

I got Luthier from the 1st ticket and since I had enough copies of him, I tried avoiding as much as could but of course that’s when all the green and colorless orbs kept showing up. Lucky for me, V!Palla showed up immediately which already half completed my goal! But even more miraculous was Malice showing up! Like Nagi, I had to skip her and focus on these banners and my persistance was rewarded and more so! I sparked V!Palla and Nott broke my pity rate so I left the banner happy as well.

This costed me 177 orbs in the process. I cut it here so I can focus on AHR and the legendary banner spark later this month. I got the FEH Pass for my man Seliph today along with getting his mom and Kagero. And since I have the pass, I might as well get the spark for the Hop and Go banner.

I got Spring Delthea.

Results & More

  • I used my trait fruits to make V!Palla +Atk/-HP and merged her. Distant Counter + Vantage V!Palla is as amazingly strong as I hoped for. I’m glad to finally gotten her but I hope IS doesn’t spring another Palla alt soon. I need to recover. If they do, I’ll still go for her because that’s who I am. I’m a big sister simp too.

  • I got my sweet Malice merge too. I hope she’ll be on a Heroes with… whatever banner when I have orbs.

  • Seliph got his resplendent and he appreciates the extra stats. I want to give a speed based build with a floret but B!Marth and L!Marth kinda do that better with less investment so I hope he’ll get Distant Stance + Joint Drive Spd in the future.

  • Kagero’s doing great with the Courtly Fan+ build but I’d still like to give her Sturdy Impact + Null Follow Up 3 with her prf.

  • I’m keeping the neutral Spring Delthea and likely foddering the HP/-Atk one to Spring Sonya but I need Atk/Spd Catch 3 to do so. IS may release on a demote or grail unit soon since we’ve been getting them lately. Spring Delthea will be fun on my AR-D teams and Valentia themed battles. I have yet to train because I’m still busy but I will.

  • Luthier finally gets his merge and he has 9 copies enough to be +10. He’s a slow merge project but I will finish him someday.

  • Rennac and A!M!Corrin are likely going to fodder for someone. Maybe Cath or Felicia will appreciate the new skills. The spare Nott is likely fodder too but undecided for now.

  • I also got Corrinja (I think it’s a better name than Ninjorrin) who I will keep since I use more Fates units and I got a soft spot for Elise.

And that’s all for now folks.

How do I feel after all this? Accomplished and happy with how it all turned out. My favorite character has been +10 twice after some dedicated saving and patience and both versions of her are amazing and strong.

This month started off great with two banners giving what I needed and more so.

I got my eyes fixed on the upcoming AHR and legendary banner at this month. I’ll post my results here when the day comes. I aim to get as much copies of Thorr as I can and spark L!Lilina. I doubt my good luck will carry until then but I do hope so.

Not much Sonya appreciation here because I plan to make a Sonya appreciation post soon since I think this is a good time to do it. I haven’t done so in a long time due to other things but I’ll do my best. Hope you’ll look forward to it.

Thank you all for reading this massive post. Thanks to the Orb Loungers for encouraging me to save up for this day. I couldn’t done it without your help.

Imma rest. It’s been quite a week for me. But I’ll answer any questions and comments you guys got. Feel free to talk about whatever too. I’ll also post my AHR and L!Lilina in this thread much later down the month.

Take care everyone and good luck with your summons and goals!

Question to you Jill and Altena users.

  • Should I give Jill and/or Altena Flow Flight 3 or should merge all the Marias or just wait for Flow Flight to be in the normal pool. Or is Wyvern Flight is a better option for both of them?

GIVE ME! :fgo_gaooo:


Congrats on the pulls Nick!

Your luck was so good and I’m so happy for you :fgo_serenityay:

+10 Spring Sonya + Tharja :partying_face:


Congrats Nick! :feh_flaynsmile:

Pretty good luck too on finishing her, 1500-1600 is fairly average, and lots of goodies on the side :feh_nino:

I’m glad to see her done, she looks great :fgo_ereshwoah: why dragon fang tho lol


I would if I could.

But she’s really strong with these instant bonfires procs.

I’m not sure if I ascend her Def or Atk.


I had a feeling it would be great when I got the free Sonya summon.


Dragon Fang for the beeg numbers. The higher the special maximum, the more atk she stacks. Works wonders with AoE. I have yet to try it with Aether.


OMG CONGRATS! :feh_faedance:

I’m happy for you :fgo_ereshwoah:


Thank you. I’m super happy this all went well.


congrats on the +10 spring sonya from noodle and I :feh_flaynyay:


Thanks Almond and tell Noodles I said thanks as well!


Jokes aside, congrats on the newest +10! It makes me really happy to see you’ve managed to +10 best Valentia girl’s first alt and most importantly that saving has truly paid off!
The build is a classic but effective one that works wonders on her.

Man, this was a golden age for us indeed, time flies eh? It’s been about two and half years since then, and our Sonya’s have evolved significantly since then, wild. :fgo_gudako:


Although I agree, when I saw this alt I was quickly excited about it then I would immediately feel worried about my [Orbs].
Seriously come on @Intelligent_Systems let me save now. :weary:

Lovely! I hope she serves you well.

Those are some pretty good IVs! I don’t think she’ll need more defense than what she has and her PRF is helping, however, I feel like she could use the extra boost in her attack power, so I used +att as my main boon and +res as secondary.
Also since she’s Ascended, luckily it’s :free:.

Btw, on the topic of boons, the other day I checked if she’ll score the same with an attack or resistance boon since the latter is super, and thankfully she does, despite the 1 total difference.

And nice shoutout to Nagi too, that sounds like a solid build for her.

Gotchu there. :feh_altenafeelings:

Although unfortunately, I don’t have [Flow Flight 3] to spare for either yet, but I do use [Wyvern Flight 3] on Altena, and she does make really good use of it.
I’m sure Jill would love [Flow Flight 3] the most since it has part of [Null Follow-Up], which I think could combo nicely with her weapon the [Talregan Axe].

So I’d probably settle with foddering one Maria at most and merge the rest. :feh_eirikathink:

I’m sure it would be great on her specially if you use [S/R Far Trace 3] or maybe another {Trace} because of the healing part, and it’s also a welcome plus for scoring too, that’s why I’ll give it to mine but I already used up all the Chrom I have left. :catsob:

Edit: oh wait almost forgot:

I’m excitedly looking forward to see yours! Please mention me when it’s out. :feh_lilithpray:


Large Duonya



50th percentile is pretty much exactly average (as in 50% of players will need more orbs, 50% less).

As for the Maria’s I would merge them. Especially for altena, I don’t think she has the speed for it, and Wyvern flight is probably better. Jill might be able to use it, but idk.


Congratulations! :feh_alfonsesmile:


Having a +10 Harmonic really makes the difference.

For the Beeg damage. :boom: :gun: :rabbit:


I did merge all but one and gave Jill the Tier 4 Push + Flow Flight since her prf has better desperation in it.

Probably need Def Smoke 3 or a rein skill later for her. It’s crazy the stuff she can survive thanks her high defense, solid prf and healing.

IS always makes the smol ones OP.

Thank you! :fgo_serenityay:


Congrats Nick


Awesome job Nick and congrats on getting your girl! :catclap:



Congratulations Nick she got an alt and is good, hope you have a lot of fun with her.



Congratulations! :feh_flaynsmile:

I would have given you advice on Flow Flight inheritance, but you’ve made your decision. Still, I see you don’t seem to have decided about Maria’s C slot. Since you chose a spd boon, how about giving something to lower her foes’ defenses by inheriting a dual threaten focused on defense from Fernand or Aelfric? I got a +def Maria on the banner and the stuff she handles with that superboon is nothing to scoff at.


Congrats, Nick! :fgo_serenityay: Hope you’re having fun with your new Sonya, she looks super scary.

Also, the point about Tharja acting like her Awakening self is so true, lol. I love their voice lines so much.


Thanks so much!

Yes. This is a quite a big milestone in my FEH years.

That I am. She’s perfect with my playstle and different types of builds I use.

That’s a really great idea. Threaten Spd/Def 2 or Atk/Def 2 is great on a budget for her.

Thanks a lot for the advice and I’m glad you’re enjoying Spring Maria too.


And Tharja being original self is the icing on the already perfect cake of this Harmonic. It makes their interactions so great every time.