Nifl Builds

Looking for help with a potential +10 Nifl Build.

She’s not on the Fehstuff so I’m using the new unit builder.

I always go plus speed but with Atk also being a superboon and her speed being astronomical I’m a little unsure for once.

Cavs dont have many B lots besides lulls. Dragons can use Wall and Ire. You could do a defensive build:

or an offensive build:

but that seems like a waste of her C skill. Idk, anyone got any big brain ideas?

(blue to signify all stats active)


Windsweep seems like the better B skill to help her set off flash since Dragon’s Ire is EP only and Nifl’s more PP oriented. Dragon Wall would be dope if you could manage to get her Res high enough but I don’t know if it’s possible (or even inheritable tbh since she’s a cav, but a dragon anyways). Other than that, yeah SS3 or Atk/Spd Solo for A pretty sound good. Was also thinking about Flow Refresh for her B but once again idk if it’s even inheritable


My plan is to run her with Ayra because then Arya can run null follow-up and still get 40% DR with her weapon and domain of ice. So the problem with applying flash on PP is it can be difficult for infantry teammates to to reach the flashed units

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Flow Refresh can’t go on dragons, unfortunately, but Dragon Wall has no movement type restrictions.

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flow refresh would be so perfect

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would be pretty nice

can’t go giving dragons nice things though I guess

I feel like she needs more killing power but she has no cooldown accel options. and she can’t run Null follow up unless she runs dragon ire

She’s screwed in the special department being a dragon (only 500SP option is Aether and blue flame but we don’t talk about that one) so don’t worry about activating it.

Treat her like a primer for destruction. Scenario: arena team with F!Edel, CF DuoLif, L!Gurd, and B!Hector. What do you do?

Attack DuoLif, and now none of the enemies can counter. Free attacks on everyone. So her Spd isn’t a huge issue, just focus on her Atk and aftereffects. Atk/something Catch, keep her OG Lull or swap to an Atk/Res lull so she can maximize her damage, and keep her C slot for the best joint drive so far. Give her a trace and support her with Lilith with double bonds for max results (attack and flash, move a space from the highest threat, Lilith teleport in and attack with at least 80x2 damage.)

She’s an initiater only, that’s it. No DC. B duel 4 is fine too, btw.

Why does she need a 500SP Special? I’m looking for something that’ll activate and kill people with

In that case you might as well give her windsweep and then she can attack any of them.

I agree to focus on her attack would be beneficial, but Its hard to give up a Speed super boon. Besides then all her speed is just a waste of stats.

Ya but then you have 2 blue dragons on the same team :confused:

Her C skill is EP focused and the flash will still activate on EP as well, allowing you to PP a team that cant counterattack, so I don’t see why baiting with DC would be off the table

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I assume they are mentioning the special (and the B Duel Cavalry) for Arena scoring purposes. Nifl doesn’t need super heavy investment for general purpose use, so since you intend to +10 her, the assumption is reasonable.


I just like building strong, sometimes unorthodox units. Scoring isn’t very important to me. I’m more interested in having fun and making my units as strong as possible :slight_smile:

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I was talking about arena specifically, but taking that off the table:

I wouldn’t change anything other than the duel skill and special. She has a solid Atk stat so glimmer against targets with under 40Res and Moonbow against those with over 40 would be a good choice for specials.

DC should still be off the table because 1. She has no access to an NFU effect so her Spd won’t protect against “guaranteed follow up” units (which there are a lot of,) and 2. The flash effect is almost useless on EP, since it requires the enemy to initiate against her while other enemy units are within 2 spaces of that unit to maximize it’s worth, which in AR, PVE, and even Arena is tough to make happen.

A catch is still your best bet since that flash effect will guarantee she’ll always activate the minimum +7 bonus and isn’t contingent on placement respective to allies (solos or bonds.)

You could try to mimick popular Kempf builds like fort/escutcheon/etc. but imo they suck… They’re missing the point of a unit with flash. They’re PP focused, period.

And yeah… You’d have 2 blue dragons on the same team, so what? When was the last time you fought a Julia with CC? And have you ever Lilith’d a tank? Yeah, she’s a verb cuz she describes a state or occurence… of absolute murder.


How’s Lilith doubling that B-Hector? Triangle Attack? L-Byleth?

Ugh i know, speed on a cav seems so useless lol.

While i think you are correct that PP is the way to go, I just feel like Flash has so much potential being activated on EP as then your entire team can take full advantage. Smokes get used on EP all the time so I don’t think spread is the problem, but rather that the enemy moves after the attacker and loses the debuff. It’s too bad it’s “through their next action” and not “for 1 turn”

Her kit is so wonky which is why I’m trying to galaxy brain something cool for it.

The dragon skills are inheritable but neither suits her great. Maybe they’ll release some more with a better effect.

Na more an OCD problem lol Oh and I know, My lilith is an absolute monster. she has dive bomb though so flash doesnt do much for her. everything she touches dies.

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Draggin’s Ire. All tanks are weak to being baited themselves.


Huh, I usually see Lilith used as an offensive unit, so I never would have thought of Dragon’s Ire


Well, your options are truly endless. If you want to do something unique on EP, try bracing stance and Lull Atk/Res. Total -14 Atk on the foe and guard before seals and support.

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It guarantees she’ll double on the next phase after she demolishes her first target. Her only counter is NFU.

I gave her basically every skill I could think of but this mixed build is the most reliable on both phases I’ve come up with. +18/14/16/16 stats next to her SS.


I like your lilith build, mines a little different but I might switch to blue flame seeing as she’s probably the best user of it.


Fliers are usually the best users of BF with things like aerobatics and flier formation. It’s not a great special tbf… But it does stack so beasts, flat damage users, and wrath units make good use of it too (like my Velouria with wrath, TP, and FB4. 50 flat damage turn 1, 40 without wrath.)