Nifl Slot A and B

I’m in doubt what skill I will give her.
I thought about putting the R. Duel 4 and also DC.
I will idea in addition to calm Atk / Res is vantage. Help me.

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B duel for arena, Atk/Spd catch for anything else.

B slot keep the lull or switch to Spd/Res lull.

C slot stays.

Blade session or Atk/Spd solo seal.

Basically just make damn sure she’s never doubled.


Thought about giving it to her with DC.
Lull Spd / Res
Def / Res Menace
Def / Res Solo

Does a build like that look good too?

If you’re bulking her up, go for Atk/Res menace instead. Grants her the same effective Def/Res increase but offers her more potential Atk.

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