Night Slash Sandslash (lol)

I’m not generally a PVP person but I’ve being enjoying using spicy picks this season cause there’s no points this season and I’m already Rank 20 for like a week ago. Now, knowing Sandshrew community day is coming tomorrow (Or later today depending where you live), I feel Alolan Sandslash is the big winner here cause both Shadow Claw and Powder Snow are inter-exchangable depending on the meta or the Pokes you want to beat, but what about Kantonian Sandslash?

They gave it Night Slash, which is a nice move to bait shields and give it some different coverage. Now, here’s the thing. I haven’t checked Kantonian Sandslash’s moveset and it has:

Fast moves: Mud Shot and Metal Claw.
Charge moves: Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Frustration (Shadow), Return (Purified) and Night Slash (Community day).

With Night Slash, you’ll run it with Earthquake of course. Sandslash would be a copy of Gliscor with the only differences on their typings and fast moves. I don’t feel Night Slash is mandatory on it though. I’m not fully convinced.

Without Night Slash Sandslash should have Mud Shot+ Rock Tomb/Earthquake. With that moveset on mind, Sandslash has a nice coverage and it can debuff opponents or bait shields (Less effective than Night Slash though but lowering attack is nice) and then smash them with earthquake! (Don’t run Night Slash with Rock Tomb, it won’t have stab or strong moves).

Maybe there’s someone here more expert on PVP than I do (I’m not an expert cause I’m more of a raid person LMAO).

I would love to hear your thoughts people :smiley:

Maybe best for one of the baby cups? Would not underestimate SC alolan sandy, ghost for sure quite useful in UL open and also normal PC, resistance is much rarer and with walrein everywhere, powder snow did absolutely nothing…

You pretty much said it all, that’s it. Be aware though, that rock tomb is a horrible move that no pokemon should run unless it’s the only option (or magcargo rare case, but even then stone edge is better overall).

Night slash is good, not overpowered but a nice adittion. Take note both sanslash(es) are limited cup/format options or very spicy at best. Kantonian needed some love and now it will have a lot of play in Kanto cup, where dark type coverage is amazing.

There was a time when kanto slash had it’s tiny moment of fame in pvp, in a silph cup called Ferocius (November 2019). Back in the day return was a 40/35 bait move, and that gave the pangolin the fastest pvp moveset ever, plus the earthquake nuke. Problem was you had to catch a near 0% sandshrew, purify it and pray for it to go under 1500 upon evolving. I wasn’t that lucky, but there are evidence sandslash was neat back in November 19, and would kill for actual night slash at that time.
Then in January return got a rework and kanto mole never saw the light again until now. Problem is the meta has evolved a lot, and there is not much to do unless you want to troll someone. If both variants received both moves, it would be amazing. We have 2 usable mons now, nothing else.